San Miguel de Allende Foro Nacional de Turismo Kultur 2015

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  • Kultur 2015 Foro Nacional de Turismo San Miguel de Allende
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The Foro Nacional de Turismo Kultur 2015 took place in the Colonial town of San Miguel de Allende in April 2015, three days devoted to exploring the development of cultural tourism in Mexico, promoting cuisine, Colonial cities and our bailiwick, romance! Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography was invited by the director of the Riviera Maya Tourism Board Dario Flota to share her expertise as “Romance Ambassador” on the panel focusing on weddings and honeymoons in Mexico.

Sol went with the mission of sharing how we help showcase Mexico as a one of a kind destination for romance in the world through images and experiences.

With the experiences we create, document and then share with the world, we are planting a seed in our visitors’ hearts.  The experience they live stays in their memories linked to Mexico, therefore they associate Mexico with romance, friendship, family, and unforgettable encounters, and we provide incredible images that prove this to all who see them. Therefore they return again and again… and so do their family and friends:  “ROMANCE AMBASSADORS”.

The audience for “Foro Nacional de Turismo Kultur 2015” was primarily media and political figures, all of them with a role to play when spreading the love of Mexico. Guanajuato Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez opened the event, enthusiastically welcoming everyone to Guanajuato. After his words, guests were treated to a lovely cocktail reception with cheese, bread and wine, all from local artisans, a delicious way to kick off the event!

The next day Sol joined her fellow panelists, Mario Delgadillo (professional wedding planner), Carmen Laborin from Bodas Destino, Kitzia Morales director of LOVE Mexico, Dario Flota President of Fideicomiso of the Riviera Maya and Paloma Flores, Bahia Principe Tulum Wedding Director, to discuss different aspects  of tourism and weddings and the perfect romance in Mexico.

Sol focused on the work of Del Sol Photography as “Ambassadors of Love and Romance”, experts in the destination and passionate about introducing Mexico to lovers everywhere. Sol invited the audience to imagine themselves in each photo of a video collage of romantic images paired with a mariachi serenade, feeling the love all around them.

The forum closed by sharing our video interview with “Adam and Eve” clients that had everyone smiling from ear to ear :)

The evening was followed by a gourmet dinner at the Rosewood San Miguel, the most spectacular venue in town. Hotel director Alfredo Renteria was an incredible host, giving Sol the grand tour and inviting her to partake in the special artesenal food and drinks. What a treat!

“Como Mexico no hay dos”, there’s no place like Mexico, and in old historic towns, you feel like walking on a movie set… we ended the night at Don Benjamin Lara’s bar, “El Quita Penas” singing Mexican love songs, tasting mezcal and celebrating AMOR! A most amazing experience, Viva Mexico y Viva el Amor! – Sol

We are honored to have participated in this event, our gratitude to Dario Flota and the Riviera Maya tourism board for the invitation. We look forward to continuing to share our vision of romance in Mexico!

Photos by Sol Tamargo‘s iPhone 6 :)