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Secrets Capri Wedding – Keri and Anthony

“My parents always said that the key to life is remembering to be big kids. If not you lose your way and find yourself unhappy. We are big kids that want to enjoy our lives and we surround ourselves with people who share that motto!” – Keri

The word of the day for Keri and Anthony’s Secrets Capri wedding was FUN! Keri and Anthony are certainly not the type of couple afraid to touch the sand! Keri literally ran and took flying leaps onto beach beds in her wedding dress, climbed on boat trailers and generally had an awesome time.

Aside from the wedding party shenanigans the day was about the enjoyment coming from two family groups becoming one and getting to know each other. The true meaning of the wedding day and pure family love – oh – and there was a surprise pirate song! We asked Keri to share her thoughts about her and Anthony’s Secrets Capri wedding.

“We started our relationship coast to coast and we didn’t want to start our families that way.” – Keri

I’m from the East Coast and my husband is from the West Coast and we wanted to make everyone meet in the middle.  We wanted everyone to meet halfway as we joined together so that no “one” family had to make more of a trek than the other. We wanted our families to spend time together get to know one another and bond so that’s just what we did.”

“Our families, our friends, this wedding may be the only time that this groups of all the people we love will ever get to be together in one place.”

“Being from 2 different coasts and being adventurous ourselves we have gathered an eclectic group of friends. They are from all walks of life but they are all outgoing and fun much like ourselves. Most of my husband’s friends are from childhood whereas most of mine are from college. The mix of history makes for some really fun memories.”

“We chose a Secrets Capri Wedding because the resort was all-inclusive. It fit our budget and was right in the middle – The place was amazing!”

Del Sol:  We loved that your dad surprised you with a pirate song!”

“My dad writing a song is his way of welcoming Anthony and his family to the way our family lives.”

“My dad is a songwriter and has been a musician for my whole life. When my brother and I were kids the house was never quiet, there was always music on in the background. Looking back it has become the soundtrack of my life. When we were little my brother would play drums in the kitchen with my dad and I would sing. We were always playing with music and my dad always had a guitar everywhere we went.”

“My dad could make up songs on the fly and it was always entertaining. He had written a custom song for my brother’s wedding and I was hoping I would get one too and I was so thrilled that we did. I was definitely a daddy’s girl, but in the sense that I would fix cars and sing songs with my dad. Not much has changed 30yrs later!”

There’s a boy named Phillip Anthony
Who had a love of boats and love of the sea
He loved to surf and he loved to fish
But in his heart was an empty wish

There’s a girl who’s name is Keri Lee
Who had a love of Otters and Manatees
She loved to speak whale like Dory the fish
But in her heart was and empty wish

Anthony cast his pole from west to east
Would he find a keeper or would he release her
He reeled in his lure and saw and angel fish
Their hearts filled up when the both of them kissed

And it’s a yo ho ho to husband and wife
Who found the catch of their life – Tom Hynes (Keri’s Dad)

“My family is really tight, we are all so very close. We are blessed that my parents made it a wonderful adventure filled with music. My parents have been with me on this coast to coast journey of splitting my time between my husband and family. They are so supportive and they love Anthony.”

Del Sol:  You two were lovely together, loved your first look and you had great chemistry!

“We truly are best friends and we remind each other that its just us and there is nothing that we can’t solve together.” – Keri

‘For a couple that has only been together for 5 years, there have been some major hurdles we have had to jump. There is a culture and class difference between my husband and I. When you add in distance from family and friends there are lots of challenges that come about.”

“Our Secrets Capri wedding was the beginning of a new chapter. We had worked through a lot of harder challenges that have prepared us and our relationship for any other things life has in store.” – Keri

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

I loved the team they made it so much fun and did an amazing time thing to loosen me up. I liked that the team appreciated our sense of humor rather than judging because we were a rowdy group. Especially because it may never happen again.”


Principal Photographer: Polly

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun – Wedding Locations

Wedding Ceremony: Secrets Capri North Garden
First Look: Secrets Capri 5th Floor Lighting Lanterns
Cocktail hour: Secrets Capri North Garden
Wedding Reception Location: Secrets Capri South Beach
Secrets Capri wedding coordinator: Gabriela Javier

Del Sol Photography is a preferred vendor for Secrets Capri weddings with luxury photo and video services – that means there is no vendor fee to hire us!


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