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Viceroy Riviera Maya Wedding – Melissa and Aaron

You don’t have to know Melissa and Aaron’s story to find them totally endearing!  Aaron is what the entertainment world refers to as a “Triple Threat”.  He can act, sing and of course, his dancing career took his world in a different direction the day Melissa took his dance class.

The first moment she walked through the door and into my life… it was really like they say in the story books… the feeling was electric and unmistakable.  I tried to keep any feelings toward her from developing as in 15 years of teaching and competitive dance I had never once found myself attracted or blurred the lines between teacher and student.  I used to tell all my friends and family back home and abroad about her and one day my dad asked me… “Well, son… do you have feelings for her?” I answered, “I mean… I… uh…”  To which he replied “son!  don’t deny yourself a chance at love!”  The rest is history. – Aaron

We loved this wedding story, Aaron is totally into Melissa, even standing during the ceremony readings, they are pinned together! In her words, this is how Melissa describes her soulmate and their life together:

Aaron reminds me to let go, have fun, and be a kid again when I get too stressed or caught up in life and forget. He is full of life and love and passion. He knows how to slow down and take it all in yet there is very little that doesn’t evoke some kind of emotion or reaction from him. We are very similar in our core values and beliefs. We are both very loyal, loving, passionate, and caring. But we are very different in how we interpret the world, express ourselves and react to life. Our differences enable us to balance one another, teach one another and grow together. – Melissa

This was a wedding full of loving relationships, almost all Melissa’s guests have been friends since they were toddlers. Melissa’ best friend Becky, gave Melissa her Grandmother’s necklace as “something borrowed” a meaningful family tradition to share with someone more like a sister than a friend.

Melissa says she has always felt a special connection and peace with the land and the people when she visits the Riviera Maya. The Viceroy setting, its welcome cleansing, and its spa ritual packages added to that feeling for her and Aaron. Their wedding day was actually the anniversary of a secret commitment ceremony Melissa and Aaron performed 1 year before at the Viceroy:

We decided a Mayan ceremony for just the two of us was a great way to celebrate the people and place while spiritually giving ourselves to one another.  It was our way to show each other our commitment to the relationship and our love was real and forever, just the two of us, in a way that meant most to us. So, when we decided to get legally married, we thought what a great place to do it.  We can return to the Viceroy on the 1 year anniversary of our original commitment and have a traditional ceremony for our family and share with them the spiritual Mayan ceremony we had chosen for ourselves. – Melissa

There is so much we could say about this wedding: incredible Argentine Tango moves on the dance floor,  Melissa’s amazing three dresses – way to go girl! In the end Melissa and Aaron are a couple all about love and connection with the people around them. Every element of their day was chosen because it felt right, even their DJ Dulce felt like an immediate mutual connection after listening to 5 minutes of her playlist. When we work with such genuine people it means the world to us to hear they had a great time working with del Sol:

Debora and everyone we dealt with at Del Sol was fantastic!  As for Debora specifically, I cannot say enough great things about her.  I felt like we were old friends from the moment we met and I couldn’t be happier with our choice!  And then there is her talent, professionalism, and amazing eye… she was so easy and fun to work with, she captured the day the way we wanted…not stuffy and traditional…but rather creative, honest, real and artistic. – Melissa

Principal Photographer: Debora

Hotel: Viceroy Riviera Maya
Reception: Poolside Beach
DJ: Dulce Rullán – Big Bang Productions