• Private Villa Beach Wedding at Hacienda del Mar - Natasha and Mike

Wedding at Hacienda del Mar – Natasha and Mike

We often hear of vows being spoken, words that come from the heart. In so many ways, our photographs mirror the family love shared by Natasha and Mike and all their guests.  Love celebrating love, family, and togetherness.

Natasha, I see these vows not only as a promise but as a privilege. I take you Natasha to be my wife. You are my best friend and my only one true love. When I’m with you I feel I can be the person I want to be and I cannot imagine my life without you. I am so thankful that it took me 38 years to have this day with you – Mike’s vows

Mikey, the last 3 and a half years have been the most incredible years of my life, thanks to you. Deep down I wish I had met you sooner so I could have had the opportunity to spend more of my time with you, but I truly believe we were brought together at exactly the right time in our lives. I’m confident that our individual life experiences have set us up perfectly for a wonderful future together, and I couldn’t be happier than I am standing here with you today. To say that I love you is not enough. To try and condense the depth of my feelings into a few words is literally impossible. I can’t begin to describe the level of respect I have for you as an individual – Natasha’s vows

We wanted to take a moment and talk about the first kiss photograph and what this moment means to us. What we enjoyed most about the photograph is that the couple in love, coupled together arm in arm, are onlookers to this moment. This photo symbolizes two love stories and the impact of close friends and lovers, watching other lovers say “I do”. We saw so many connections like this with Natasha and Mike’s guests. This is what made this wedding so memorable to us.

We would like to give special thank Riviera Maya Haciendas for their hospitality and for having such a beautiful venue for destination weddings!


Wedding Venue:  Ceremony at Hacienda del Mar, Puerto Aventuras – Beach
Reception Location:  Hacienda del Mar – Garden/Pool
Wedding Coordinator:   Lucy Gallagher
Primary Photographer: Martina