Sarah and Dave just won our total respect for their positive attitude. They could be the first to tell you about all the little things that went wrong. This including venues canceling at the last minute, cab drivers going the wrong way and HUGE black clouds looming nearby, but they weren’t going to be bitten by the bridezilla bug or end up with Montezuma’s revenge!

We all know dark clouds may pass and they may even bring a rainbow, but a venue canceling on short notice before the wedding day?  99% of brides and grooms will cringe, stress and likely have blood pressure go through the roof if this happened to them! We highly recommend Sarah and Dave’s advice on how they dealt with the madness:

Don’t sweat the small stuff… and don’t sweat the big stuff either!

If it’s meant to work out, it will (with or without worrying about it). At one point before we had settled on a new location, I gave up worrying and asked Dave if he would mind just cabbing around till we found a “pretty street” in Playa and setting up a wedding there. A sense of humor will get you a long way in life.

JUST DO IT! It was fabulous to get everyone together in the sun and relax. And trust your wedding planner/photographer/photographer’s staff (PS Thanks del Sol for the great restaurant suggestion!!  As for why Mexico, we wanted no stress and a beautiful beach. It couldn’t have gone any better! – Sarah

Venue cancellation….uuff… and Sarah and Dave say: “we wanted a no stress wedding and things couldn’t have gone any better.”  You just won the most positive bride and groom in the face of adversity award for 2015!

How did all this all go down? If your wedding venue pulls out, let’s hope you contacted our friends Maria and Erika, wedding coordinators who know how to make stuff happen on the fly. They run and as Sarah and Dave will tell you, they have connections and make things happen!

In closing, we especially wanted to pay tribute to the cat head (inside joke with Sarah and David ;) … may your Christmas cards be forever full of fun little doodles!

Wedding Coordinator: Maria and Erika at
Principal Photographer:  Del Sol Associate
Wedding Venue: Paamul Hotel – Beach
Reception: Paamul Hotel – Restaurant