We love ART and as a part of our mission to deliver our clients a unique, “from the heart” product, the box that contains the digital images needed to be something special too.

Sol volunteered to go in search of the artist that would make the perfect box. Mexico handicrafts are valued around the world and she was ready for the adventure of finding the ideal creation.  The state of Oaxaca is one of the richest states in gorgeous hand-made art and has been home to many international artists that have found in Oaxaca the inspiration to create.

Sol jumped on a plane and landed in a truly colourful Oaxacan town.

 “The moment I arrived it was like a heat wave of emotion… everywhere you look there is something gorgeous, I wanted to buy everything!… But my mission was to find the perfect box.  A local photographer offered to take me around, picked me up at my hotel downtown and literally showed me the city.He introduced me to the best mezcal, food, and of course: artists!

After a couple of days traveling around towns and meeting so many wonderful artisans, we found  Artesanias Tirso Cuevas. He has decades of experience in his art, by hand and with perfect skills he brings tin to life with “hojalata”, a traditional embossing technique.. I explained the idea and the next day he had the perfect piece for del Sol!!!

Polly, our talented production manager, finished the box by adding the details of a padding and colorful fabric that wraps around the wooden USB.

Hope you enjoy the ART!  You are receiving a product made with LOVE.

Videographer: Elias Lopez

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4 replies
  1. Sandy Y.
    Sandy Y. says:

    I love the colorful paintings on the that brown paper. I have 2 big ones framed on my walls from my trip to Chichen Itza a couple of years ago. The artistry of the boxes are beautiful I can’t wait to have my wedding photos taken and to receive them in this beautiful keepsake!! Great work! The colors of Mexico and truly my favorite part of visiting. :)

    • Matt Adcock
      Matt Adcock says:

      Hola Sandy! Thanks for commenting. Those prints are super beautiful paintings!!! I can only imagine how they look in frames! Thanks for celebrating the colors of Mexico with us :)

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