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The Weirdest Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun Wedding of our Dreams – Julia and Richard

“You’re the Weirdest Man of My Dreams”

“When ordering Richard’s ring, I didn’t want a typical phrase or something common. Because he’s so unique, I wanted it be specific as to how I see him.”

“The phrase “the Man of My Dreams…” isn’t detailed enough to describe him.  I feel that he is more than the man I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. However, I had to add the word Weirdest to my inscription to sum up his quirks and being such an individual that I love.”

“I have told and retold the story how Debora had to stop me and ask if she read the engraving correctly, she couldn’t contain her laughter, which I thought was so funny!” – Julia

We love couples who love to be different and find unique ways of personalizing their wedding day! From unique wedding ring inscriptions to alternative unity ceremonies (read: “Unity Tequila Sunrise”) to 1950s safety goggles Julia and Richard were full of super fun wedding details!

“Richard and I met on Match.com. His picture was at the top of the list of people to chat with. What caught my eye was he was wearing the unusual glasses, and had this huge grin on his face. Once I saw his picture, I didn’t even look at the rest of the list of people.”

“The infamous 1950s safety goggles were worn as a joke but that’s what caught my eye. To this day we joke with our family that those glasses are what brought us together.” – Julia

Del Sol: In other awesome detail-age we loved that Richard had his dogs on his socks and your cute matching seahorse tattoos…

“Richard and I have 3 dogs in total. We’ve grown into this one big family with dogs running around everywhere. In our planning we had talked about wishing our dogs could be apart of the ceremony since they are such a big part of our lives.  When Richard had seen these socks we knew we had to get them. Luckily we found socks in both breeds of dogs and both of our favorite colors. Every detail seemed to line up effortlessly.” – Julia and Richard

“Richard and I both love the beach, the ocean, and the waves. It’s something we both love. When we were working on designing our wedding invitations Richard and I felt we needed more than just seahorses, we wanted them to represent us. A short time after we had talked about having the tattoos on our forearms to line up facing each other when we hold hands.”

“Doing some research I found out that sea horses mate for life! I couldn’t believe by luck that we picked a symbol that has a deep meaning to us representing our bond. When we have children we want to add smaller, tiny seahorses on our arms.” – Julia and Richard

Del Sol: why did you decide to have a Destination Wedding?

“We had searched all over California for a venue that included the beach and encompassed our style. In comparison to having a traditional wedding, in Santa Barbara or Los Angeles, we would have experienced a lengthy process of piecing every element of the wedding together. I have seen the stress that can have on a bride with planning and the day of.  Choosing the Now Sapphire  wedding package which came with the bulk of the services we needed, lifting layers of stress off of us.” – Julia  & Ricard

“The entire wedding destination experience was extraordinary. The day of our wedding and the days to follow felt so magical.” – Julia

“I couldn’t stop telling Richard how amazing every little detail was and how incredible our week in Cancun felt. Bringing both of our families and friends together for a monumental moment meant a great deal to us.”

In the weeks following the wedding, I will reminisce about the ceremony on the beach or the time on the dance floor, which brings happy tears to my eyes. I still can’t believe we had such a phenomenal wedding. The whole experience was more than we had envisioned for us.” – Julia

Del Sol: What was the most amazing moment of your day?

“For me, after a few steps walking with my dad on the path to the sand for the ceremony was unprecedented. I can only describe it as a euphoric feeling; I’ve never felt something so incredible before. Simultaneously, I took a deep breath yet I felt breathless in awe of the moment.” – Julia

“During the ceremony I was overflowing with happiness,  feeling very emotional. Overall, the entire day was a beautiful dream come true.” –Julia

“I don’t think I’m able to give just one example, the entire day/night was PERFECT! Everything went as planned and went smooth. But on top of my list would have to be the moment I opened my eyes and saw her in that dress for the first time, it made me cry.” – Ricardo

Del Sol: How was your experience with Debora and the del Sol team?

“WE LOVED DEBORA and the TEAM! Debora was professional, energetic, and personable. Her charm made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the evening.”

“I even had comments from our guests that they liked her liveliness. It’s apparent Debora really loves what she does. We knew that we could expect beautiful and brilliant artistic photography and videography from the entire Del Sol team.” – Julia and Richard

Del Sol: Why did you choose Now Sapphire? 

“We had looked at the booklet for Now Sapphire we instantaneously agreed that it would be the location for our wedding. Over a year in advance we reserved our wedding date right on the spot. Later I had looked at the resort’s Instagram page and we were impressed with what we saw. That just confirmed we made the right decision.”

“We greatly appreciate Ramon’s work as our coordinator. Thanks to him Richard and I had zero stress the day of the wedding. We just got ready and waited for the events to begin. I can’t say enough how he made this experience phenomenal because he took care of everything so we could enjoy ourselves.”

“Ramon made our wedding dream a reality. He brought all of the details we had asked for to life. We had brought a lot of our own wedding décor and accessories. He used everything we had brought and tied everything together. For a year, I had sent countless emails to Ramon and he was very informative so we could make our decisions. When we met with Ramon before the wedding, we must have spent a half hour going over all of the details. I felt confident in his abilities and he was so sincere we knew that we didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“We’ve never encountered an impeccable level of customer service anywhere. ” – Julia  and Richard


Principal Photographer: Del Sol Associate

Second Photographer: Joaquin 

Destination Wedding Location: Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun – Secret Beach

Destination Wedding Coordinator: Ramon Vazquez

Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals

DJ: Dj Mannia

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