• #ExperienciasInfinitas Yucatan Romance Travel ! Rio Lagartos Trash the dress
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  • Sunset in Rio Lagartos Yucatan Romance Travel !  #ExperienciasInfinitas
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  • #ExperienciasInfinitas Yucatan Romance Travel rio lagartos Mexico
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  • #ExperienciasInfinitas Yucatan Romance Travel rio lagartos Mexico

Yucatan Trash the Dress Adventure – Javier & Clara

 This was a once in a lifetime adventure, those that you will remember forever…. everything was magical and spontaneous, simple, joyful, and with super good vibes. – Javier

Life, love and experiences are the passions behind Del Sol. Weddings, capturing family love and legacy along with unique Trash the Dress portrait session have been the main subject of our photography. But travel has always been a strong interest of ours that goes hand-in-hand with destination weddings: couples and families who travel to the Riviera Maya to have their shared memories sealed in photos. #ExperienciasInfinitas

We’re combining our love of travel and our epic Trash the Dress sessions to create “Del Sol Photo Adventures” creating custom adventure tours in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and beyond!

Del Sol photo adventures are more than just an extended portrait session or a tour with pretty pictures, be prepared for impromptu photoshoots, party crashing and whatever the universe sends your way! We will document all the moments a and create professional and unique images to capture the essence of your adventure.

My favorite part of this adventure is to have the opportunity to do what I LOVE! To be totally free to suggest crazy spontaneous things like crashing a party and have the locals welcome us.  Seeing the AMAZING Nature that we visited: sunrise with the  flamingos, sunset in a boat on a river, all kinds of birds, the ocean…  that shared with a couple that were super happy, down for anything.. and wearing wedding outfits… crazy Fun!!! – Sol (Del Sol co-f0under)

Sol and outstanding couple Clara and Javier took the Yucatan by storm, visiting beautiful locations in Las Coloradas in Rio Lagartos and the cities of San Filipe and Cuyo. This amazing adventure that saw them walk on pink water, wake up with flamingoes and more…

My favorite part was the “in the moment” spontaneous things we did, like crashing a birthday party and ended being celebrated by the people throwing the party! Dancing among them, making them wonder and laugh. What are a bride and groom doing walking in the middle of the day in our town??? – Javier

It was amazing to experience a part of Mexico that we haven’t been before, it was magical to be in touch with Mother Nature while we were photographed exploring, it was hot… wearing the dress in all those places, but we solved the problem with ice cream and cold beers. It was spectacular to see you in action.  GRACIAS Sol :) – Clara


Photo Adventure Location: Yucatan – Mexico #ExperienciasInfinitas Yucatan Romance Travel ! 

Photographs by Sol Tamargo

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