Beach Palace Cancun Wedding – Laura and Patrick

Who would think beer pong could be the beginning of a love story?  It might not be traditional, but love is where you find it and it’s usually when you’re having fun!

Back in 2009, this was how Laura and Patrick met. A year later, they found themselves on their first vacation as a couple:

Mexico is special to us because it is the very first place that we vacationed together as a couple, in 2010. We took a day trip to Isla Mujeres and fell in love with the stunning beaches and natural scenery. We now visit Isla Mujeres every time we go to Mexico and enjoy some quiet time alone on the beaches at the far side of the island (where we got engaged). It makes us feel peaceful, free, and like we are the only people in the world. Nothing else matters when we are together on the Island.

We chose to get married in Mexico because it is beautiful there and we love how friendly everyone is everywhere. Being in Mexico makes us feel stress-free and just simply happy.

The Riviera Maya attracts so many cultures who often bring their own wedding traditions. We love learning about them and capturing how they make each ceremony personal. Laura and Patrick surprised us with one we’ve never seen before: reading their vows while holding an “oathing stone”. They also got a surprise with a mini-fireworks show during their first kiss.

The stone we used at our wedding is a celtic oathing stone. We wanted to add a special aspect to our ceremony that would be unique to us, something we had never personally seen done at any other wedding. The oathing stone is an ancient celtic custom in which the bride and groom hold the stone while saying their vows, as it is believed that an oath given near stone or water is more binding and “sets the vows in stone.” 

We’re always looking for words of wedding day wisdom this is what Laura said:

The advice I would give to another couple planning a wedding in Mexico is that no amount of planning or prepping really matters in the end. When it came down to it, our wedding was simply about us and our vows to each other. There was no need to be stressed or worried about anything. You won’t care, or even remember, the minor details. But, you will always remember how you felt on your wedding day.

The most important lesson we learned from our wedding was to let go of the small things. Look at the bigger picture – love, family, our relationship – and be thankful & happy for what we have. We were really touched by our family/friends who took the time out of their lives to come celebrate our marriage with us.  We are so thankful to have wonderful people in our lives! We are also extremely thankful to everyone at Del Sol, Latin Asia, and Palace Resorts for making us feel SO welcome in Mexico and for working incredibly hard to make sure we were always happy! – Laura


Principal Photographer: Martina

Secondary Photographer: Valeria

Venue: Beach Palace Cancun – Beach

Reception: Beach Palace Cancun – Sky Bar