Cancun Family Portraits at Nizuc Resort

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Cancun family portraits on the beach of the Nizuc Resort celebrating three generations, a wonderful afternoon of fun with grandmother, mom and toddler. Dad was unable to join in this vacation escape so a family portrait shoot was a wonderful way to capture the experience and share it with him upon their return from Cancun. The ladies wore bright prints and big smiles, while the star of the show rocked an orange guayabera, very handsome indeed! Working with toddlers is always great fun, they do not sit still for anything and catching them in action on the beach and exploring every nook and cranny of the resort makes for dynamic images! This little guy had a killer smile and blue eyes that will melt a few hearts in his lifetime.

The trio followed the lead of photographer Martina, discovering the jungle, the beach and the piers of the Nizuc Resort. The Nizuc is a venue that offers luxury and elegance inside and a totally natural experience outside, it is always a pleasure to capture events and special moments in this Cancun resort.  By a stroke of serendipitous luck, a pirate boat appeared at the resort for a convention, what a wonderful treat for our little toddler to become captain of the ship!

Photographer Martina shared her thoughts with us about this Cancun family portraits shoot:

The baby was the star, so sweet and happy, never stopping to walk, only RUNNING and exploring everywhere! This is a very united family, lovely to witness. The sunset was incredible, the light, the locations in Nizuc and the pirate ship was the final touch to add magic to the day. – Martina

Be sure to see the whole slideshow, the laughter and smiles are contagious! Del Sol Photography thanks the family for inviting us to share in these moments with you, we wish you all the best!