Roots To Dreams

Dreams Tulum Engagement Experience

“One of the coolest experiences we’ve ever had was giving Roots to the Dreams with our wishes by planting a tree at Dreams Tulum. Never in a million years would we have thought we would be able to do something like that. Sol, Landy, and the Dreams Tulum Team made it happen. It was so special and meaningful for us to share that together. It was an unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever.” – Amanda

Roots To The Dreams Tulum engagement photography experience

When we have Dreams, we feel hopeful. LOVE is The biggest soul lifter of them all! When “will you marry me” is answered with YES, hopes and dreams are planted that will grow for years to come. We celebrate the time before the wedding day – the Roots to the Dreams – creating a strong and beautiful foundation for whatever the future may hold.

“I was inspired to create a special engagement experience for Amanda and Manny. I wanted to exceed their expectations as a gesture of gratitude for choosing Del Sol Photography, Del Sol Travels and an AMResort we LOVE: Dreams Tulum.” – Sol Tamargo

Sol Tamargo: “I knew Amanda and Manny were coming to set foot in the place they will say they “I do’s.” My imagination immediately started “Dreaming” how to connect their energy, with the location and their own intention and Dreams… DREAMS TULUM!!! It all fit!”

Engagement Experience

“Planting a Seed, then having an experience at night sending that loving DREAM to the Stars. I imagined it, then asked Dreams Tulum for permission to come and create.”

Dreams Tulum Chapel engagement photographer

“BIG APPLAUSE for Marco Soria and Landy, the Dreams Tulum wedding manager. Landy took my request for a seed, and gave me a tree! I asked for a spot to stargaze on the beach and she gave me an amazing pyramid! Huge gratitude to Landy, not just her energy co-creating with me, but the incredible visual visually that her gifts brought to the engagement experience.”

Roots To The Dreams Tulum engagement photography experience stargazing

Roots to the Dream

“Giving Roots to the Dream is a unique way to celebrate Amanda and Manny’s engagement. It connects their hearts to Dreams Tulum. Planting a whole tree is an experience that transforms a wedding planning site visit and photoshoot into an act of LOVE, magic, and hope. Dreams Tulum, giving Roots to the Dreams of LOVE.”