Cenote Trash the Dress – Kendra and Sergio

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When Kendra and Sergio first contacted us, they told us how much they loved our photography and wanted us to shoot their wedding and do a Trash the Dress shoot.  We are so thankful to have clients who trust our creative vision not only to cover their destination wedding at the Moon Palace but to also be asked to take our cameras to the underworld to make some very outside the box, unique images underwater!

I love the magic of underwater photographs, there is something about the way we work with the light, the reflections, the particles, even the way our cameras try to make sense of the colors that really is magic! We can predict, imagine, expect a certain result when we study the underwater environment but we never know how the final image will be until we look at the back of the camera.

Even sometimes when we start editing it’s impressive the crazy colors and psychedelic wonderlands we discover in the images. That’s why I love to work underwater, my favorite underwater photographs feel like gifts from the universe, so many element aligning to create something that makes you go “whatthe…oooh…I love it!” – Polly

We have such special connection to the jungle here.  From its fossiled coral in the rocks to the amazing natural resource of this magical aquifer system, the cenote provides the life source for everything around us.  We find a special connection with our clients and our connection to this natural wonder of Mexico.


Principal photographer: Polly

March 17, 2015