What do you do the day after your wedding? Hit the beach, hang out with your friends and family or stay in bed? Viki and Cliff laughed in the face of convention (and possibly hangovers) and instead rocked their cenote trash the dress session!

Al Cielo, the location of their boho-chic wedding is just across the road from some of our favorite cenotes, so it was a quick hop into the cool waters. If there was any post wedding fatigue it didn’t show, and they were game for climbing and posing amongst the giant roots and palms of the jungle.

 Viki is fierce, I adore strong women who look like they can take over the world and own their beauty like a deadly weapon! She and Cliff were super fun to work with and could switch from fashion-model-fiery to giggles in a second. They really embraced the day and I love their pictures, defiant, demure and sensual   – Polly

Viki and Cliff are a really playful couple, great in the water with eyes wide open and a few Matrix-esque moves. They were even daring enough to slide out of their wedding clothes in a quiet corner of the cenote for a little underwater boudoir. There is something deliciously forbidden about undressing outside and it is a huge gesture of trust when our couples start stripping away the layers and asking us photograph them.

Thank you to Viki and Cliff, and all the other amazing couples who have not only trusted us to photograph them in the nude, but given us their permission to share their beauty.

Now… who’s next!

Principle Photographer: Polly

Second Photographer: Matt