Moon Palace Wedding – Kendra & Sergio

Kendra and Sergio took time out from their studies to bring their families to Cancun for a huge Mexi-Canadian wedding celebration at the Moon Palace Resort. With over 100 guests this was a BIG party with a whole load of children in tow, it’s a lot of fun to capture so many personalities!

One of the best things about kids at weddings is that they are uninhibited. Weddings are formal but kids just don’t care!  They laugh, they play with sand at mass, they make noises whenever everyone else is trying to be quiet…they are the light and the motivation to smile and be free – Martina

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at the Moon Palace resort is one of the few places in Cancun where you can have a Catholic ceremony with knockout views of the ocean. Kendra and Sergio had a traditional Mexican Catholic mass, with the “lazos”, or “wedding cord” symbolizing everlasting union and the “arras” or “wedding coins” symbolizing the groom’s commitment to provide for his family. Kendra’s bouquet bore a unique detail, a Royal Canadian Legion badge, a lovely touch to remember those who could not be in attendance.

Traditions are of course not only for church, one of our favorites from Mexican weddings is throwing the groom in the air – hay que aventarlo! If you have never been lucky enough to witness this just imagine all the men suddenly charging on the groom, shouting, grabbing him, hoisting him to the shoulders and throwing him as high as possible three times. The tradition is meant to symbolize the end of bachelorhood and beginning of his new life as a lucky married man but after a quick office survey it seems that most Mexicans have no idea where the tradition come from, they just really enjoy throwing their friends in the air!

Principal photographer: Martina

Second photographer: Debora


Venue: Moon Palace wedding

Wedding coordinator: Renee Garcia

Hair and makeup: The Styling Trio Riviera Maya

Wedding gown: Allure Bridals