• One of the many wonders of Cozumel are the incredible Sunsets! This is the welcome I got from Mother Nature when I arrived to the island for the Scuba Fest

  • There was a Welcome Cocktail at the roof top of the hotel Ocean Coral. Jean Michel Cousteau here with some opening words. I saw the crown in the background and couldn't help myself to frame him wearing it. He is one of the most important people alive working for the conservation of the ocean.

  • Golden Diver Awards, here Jean Micheal Cousteau toasting for the ones getting the recognition for their work, exploring, documenting , teaching, showing the world the beauty and importance of our oceans.

  • The festival pay tribute to Ramon Bravo, the "Mexican Cousteau" here his closest friends including his daughter Debora, alias "Sirenia" sharing stories about his countless adventures, while he was making movies, writing books or doing all kinds of things. I was overwhelmed with all I heard Ramon Bravo was one of a kind, a true artist, explorer, 1000% committed to show the world the beauty of the ocean. Words are not enough to describe his legacy

  • Alberto Friscione. A living legend of the ocean, diver, explorer, photographer, cinematographer. But what impressed me the most was the quality of person he is. Pure Love and I felt humbled meeting him and joining him on a couple of diving adventures. Hope life gives me from now on lots of opportunities to learn and contribute with him.

  • Alberto Friscione giving Ramon Bravo's daugther Debora a compilation of magazine and newspaper stories about Ramon's legacy. A treasure indeed.

  • As a tribute for his work for the ocean, his closest friends are about to unveil an underwater Ramon Bravo's statue, made by artist Sergio Peraza.

  • Ramon Bravo's daughter Debora unveiling the underwater bust. He now lies close to Jaques Yves Cousteau, guarding the ocean in Cozumel

  • There are no words to describe the beauty of the world under the ocean. This eel gracefully stopped for a second. Enough to make me smile and snap this pic.

  • Color Color Color! Honestly underwater I feel like a labrador puppy... there's so much magic all around! passing by... but you have to stay calm and let the magical creatures come to you. That I learned from Manuel Lazcano and Alberto Friscone while they talked about his work.

  • Some of the "Golden Divers" coming up to surface . Happy happy happy!

  • Alejandro Lemus during his attempt to beat his own record in static apnea. The water was too cold. He stayed underwater 6 mins 8 seconds.

  • Above water, the ocean looks like an amazing blue blanket

  • Second Diving day. I was so fortunate to be in the same boat as Alex Lemus and two of his students. They are incredible! So beautiful! Free Diving the deep ocean.

  • Let the magical creatures come to you :) . Nurse Shark I love you!

  • Gracias to Alberto Friscione that pointed to me where this gorgeous eagle ray was going. WOW!!

  • Diving and Freediving

  • All creatures are increible beautiful! so much color and grace.

  • That's going to be be me soon. Learning and working with Alejandro Lemus!

  • I don't know the name of this gorgeous... anyone??

  • My smile is not big enough to show my happiness... I'm standing next to Manuel Lazcano, Alberto Friscione and Alejandro Lemus. I asked to be "adopted" I want to be in in the "Major Leagues" to devote more of my life to learn, photograph, and help in the ocean conservation.

  • Some of the most important people involved in the organization of the Scuba Fest Cozumel 2014 GRACIAS!

Cozumel Scuba Fest 2014

Scuba Fest Cozumel is an annual event on the beautiful island paradise of Cozumel, Mexico. Each year scuba divers from around the world gather to celebrate the vibrant coral reefs that made Cozumel famous and to share their passion for ocean conservancy. Events are more than just the incredible dives, they include lectures on research and investigation, culinary events, cultural events and networking of scuba professionals creating a social environment and a strong community prepared to fight for the preservation of Cozumel’s underwater world.

Their mission:

To provide a solid platform that will attract and serve national and international dive tourism to the Caribbean Island of Cozumel, and to maintain the island’s position as Mexico’s Dive Capital by promoting its natural beauty, including the famed Mesoamerican Reef.

Del Sol Photography is thrilled to support the cause and promote healthy oceans and reefs around the world, not just in our (gorgeous) backyard. Photographer Sol attended Scuba Fest Cozumel 2014 to document the event and the glorious destination of Cozumel. She shared her experience with us…

 I have always been an ocean lover. I grew up in Cancun and call my self “mermaid at heart” however I had never been so close to the people that are currently working for the conservation of the ocean as I was last week at Cozumel Scuba Fest. The people that lead exploration, investigation, filmmakers and photographers. I have no words that can describe the work they do. Not only in Mexico but around the globe in all oceans. Studying and sharing with the world the importance of preserving our oceans and its marine life. Our own life depends on it.  It was a life changing event. I’m deeply touched.  And from now on I declare my self and active “activist”.  Soon I will start in my own community of Playa del Carmen. So expect to see more of the amazing life under the sea from del Sol team.

Special thanks to the Scuba Fest team of people that invited me and to all the new friends I made. The “Golden Divers” in Mexico. Sol is here. Thanks for adopting me.


Siempre he amado el océano, crecí en Cancun y digo que soy “sirena de corazón” sin embargo nunca había estado tan cerca del grupo de gente que está actualmente trabajando en investigación, documentación, fotografía, cine … todo en pro de la conservación de los océanos.

No me alcanzan las palabras para describir lo que viví ésta semana en el Cozumel Scuba Fest, lo que escuché, aprendí. Literalmente me cambió la vida. Salgo profundamente conmovida, y decidida a poner mi granito de arena. De ahora en adelante me declaro activistista en pro de la conservación de nuestros océanos. Nuestra propia supervivencia en la tierra depende de la vida en el mar. Empezaremos en casa, con algunos programas en Playa del Carmen. Esperen ver seguido posts de lo que el equipo del Sol estará documentando al respecto.

Un profundo agradecimiento a los organizadores del Cozumel Scuba Fest por invitarme, y a los nuevos amigos que de todo corazón me “adoptaron”  los Buzos de Oro de México. Ya llegó Sol :)