Mermaid Family Portrait – Cenote and Beach Trash the Tail!

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“I love being able to make my girl’s dreams come true. Love that with small details, their imagination can make great things.” – Enrique

We love new experiences and fresh ideas, so we were delighted when Enrique, #1 in the running for Best Dad in the UNIVERSE, asked Sol to photograph his mermaid family!

“My girls love mermaids, so I went online to look for tails so I can make their dream come true. After seeing how beautiful and happy they looked, I decided to make a photo album for them. Me and their Mom had just gone through separation and divorce, so I thought, why not invite her to join us since I wanted for them to have memories of both their parents together, regardless of our adult decisions.”

As a professional sirena and mermaid lover herself, Sol was over the moon to Enrique

“I have a great imagination and I use to play being mermaids with my little sister. Now I am a grown-up mermaid, so when Enrique told me about his idea I was super excited!! Yeay! We all went to play to a cenote, the only challenge was the cold water, so little mermaids could not be there for too long. It was enough to play for a while then go to the beach and we are going back for more!!” – Sol :)

As any bride who has trashed her dress will tell you, hours of a photo session in the cenote and beach can be hard work. We hope to have Enrique and his family come back and continue their fairytale adventure.

“The girls took their roles pretty seriously. They had a lot of fun, as for me, just seeing us together and the smile on their faces was a great gift! I would like to continue this shoot a little more, I will use my imagination for the next theme!! jajajaja”

Mermaid Family Portrait Photographer: Sol

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