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Dreams Riviera Cancun Gazebo Wedding – Stephanie and Bryant

Del Sol is a preferred vendor at Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings for luxury photo and video services. That means there is no vendor fee to hire us!

“We are a duo with a shared sense of adventure!” – Stephanie and Bryant

Stephanie and Bryant are definitely a well-travelled pair. We love to celebrate couples who travel for LOVE! We asked Stephanie to tell us more about how, after all their adventures they chose the Dreams Riviera Cancun Gazebo as their destination for their wedding. And how tears and dark clouds turned out to be highlights of their wedding day!

Del Sol: Stephanie, why did you and Bryant #TravelForLove !

“We truly enjoy traveling, food and experiencing different cultures. Over the past 8 years we have travelled near and far. We were even able to conquer 5 countries in Europe in just 15 days!”

“About a year prior to our wedding and after visiting and scouting a few local wedding venues and failing to find one that we both liked, we decided that the best way to celebrate our love was doing what we love with the ones we love! We had a very intimate wedding with 21 guests. They flew in from different cities, it could not be more perfect.”

“Families and friends that travel together, stay together!” #TravelForLove

Del Sol: You had an emotional vow exchange, we can even see Stephanie wiping Bryant’s tears in your photos!

“I actually shed many tears leading up to the wedding. While we chose our songs, while I wrote my vows…the list goes on. Bryant, however, really surprised me and even himself.”

“I have never seen Bryant cry, so naturally, during the months leading to the wedding, I would jokingly tell him that he had to cry during the wedding in order to make it official. On December 07, 2017, we both delivered!”

“I absolutely loved that we expressed so much emotion of joy during our day and I loved every second of his vows.”

Del Sol: We had a bride tell us that “rain on your wedding day” is the ultimate doomsday phrase!!! You were worried about rain on your day but everything worked out perfectly – AND you got an amazing rain photo! 

“As I walked to the hotel room to prepare for the wedding, I noticed dark clouds rolling in and a pit immediately formed in my stomach as I realized that one of my biggest fears might become reality.”

“Surprisingly, Mother Nature was on our side. The weather was great during the ceremony and the cocktail hour, which were both held outdoors. It was a bit cloudy which made for comfortable weather. It only began to rain once the outdoor festivities were over and our guests were waiting for our entrance in the ballroom.”

“Prior to our grand entrance, Vanessa was able snap some great shots of us in the rain, which we definitely embraced as good luck.”

“I’d advise any bride who is worried about rain on their day to definitely have a back-up plan. But do remember that rain could be good luck, it’s a sign of abundance and it makes for a great story and pictures.”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“Vanessa and the Del Sol team where excellent to work with. Prior to officially booking them, I spoke to Matt and Polly. They were both so easy to talk to and very responsive to emails. After chatting with Bryant about my conversation with them and viewing all of their awesome wedding pictures, we knew that we wanted to work with the team. They made the overall process very easy, and best of all they also wanted to get to know us on a personal level, which we really appreciated.”

“On the day of the wedding, Vanessa and Martina were welcoming, focused and were able to capture all the images that we wanted. Our guests were especially impressed by Vanessa’s photography skills. She was wearing white and did not care about getting dirty as she got shots of us from every angle!”

A huge thank you to Stephanie and Bryant for sharing their words and their day with us! Congratulations chicos!!


Principal Photographer: Vanessa

Destination Wedding Location: Dreams Riviera CancunGazebo

Wedding Reception Location: Dreams Riviera Cancun – Ballroom

Destination Wedding Coordinator: Maira Gomez – Dreams Riviera Cancun

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