• Groomsman spraying champagne at Gran Porto Real Resort Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Gran Porto Real Resort Wedding – Denise & Shawn

“Denise and Shawn are an awesome couple and SUPER sexy. This is one of my favorite weddings for sure, intimate, full of emotion and fun moments, like randomly being surrounded by bees during the formals!

“The sweetest moments were the live skype-ing of the ceremony to family back home and the first dances: Denise’s mum with Shawn and grandma with Shawn’s brother, huge hugs. Tough guys with big beards and tattoos hugging their grandma… beauty!” – Martina

Denise and Shawn visited Mexico in 2013 and stayed at Gran Porto Real.  They absolutely loved the energy of the resort, the convenience of being in the center of town and the beauty of it all.  They decided out of all the places they’d been, Mexico was their favorite!  When Shawn proposed on new year’s eve 2014, the wedding planning began and they couldn’t decide on a hometown venue.  They wanted their wedding day to represent them and their personalities and the thought of a traditional wedding wasn’t fitting:

At that moment, we knew a destination wedding at Gran Porto Real would be perfect for us — different than most weddings and much more fun!  We wanted our friends and family to experience our favorite place, too!  Some of our guests were frequent travelers but others made their first international trip for our wedding, that made us feel special beyond words!

Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and more!  Shawn and I found small moments to take it all in together.  We wanted to make sure we remembered this night — everything about it — as it was the most special night in both of our lives. My advice to others is to breathe, take it all in and soak up all the love around you with the one you love. After all, that’s what it’s all about! – Denise

We had a wonderful time with Denise and Shawn and we are always over the moon to know our couples have a great time with our team too. Even better if the Del Sol team can be responsible for adding an extra bit of fun to the day ;)

Martina and Valeria were absolutely amazing to work with.  Not only are they extremely talented, but also energetic and fun, too!  Shawn and I caught Martina and Valeria dancing to 50 Cent in the background and that made our night! :) ” Denise


Principal Photographer: Martina
Secondary Photographer: Valeria
Wedding Venue: Gran Porto Real Resort
Ceremony: Gazebo
Reception: Beach