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Grand Sunset Princess Sunset Gazebo Wedding – Johanne and Jim

Johanne and Jimbel had perfect Caribbean weather for their beach wedding at the sunset gazebo – despite waking up to thunder and lightning! Johanne and Jim’s children were very much a part of this wedding. Super cute “ring security” was provided by Johanne and Jim’s twin sons and their other son DJ was best man. We love that the kids were up close in the action throughout the ceremony. Letting the kids check out the ring exchange up close and getting their hands in the sand in the unity ceremony is awesome :)A huge thanks to Johanne and Jimbel for trusting our vision and to Johanne’s for sharing her thoughts about their wedding.

“Jim and I have been together for over a decade. We have already been through sickness and health, richness and poverty, better and worse. We have technically been together 1 out of every 3 days of our lives.”

“The decision to get married was to celebrate the life we have already spent together and to promise to continue to love each other in the future. We’ve already been through so much and we already have a complete family. This wedding is a promise to enjoy each other and continue growing together. We don’t know what the future holds but I figure as long as we promise to try, and to always love, even when life is mundane and things don’t go as planned, well then we have given love our best shot.”

“We decided on a destination wedding because we love to travel. It is what brings life and adventure to our world. We have met some of our favorite people while on vacation and we find its a chance to get away from our routines and truly enjoy what this world can offer. Beauty, friendships, adventure, relaxation and wonder. Every time we travel we have always wished we could enjoy all of this and still be with the ones we love.”

“We figured doing a destination wedding would give everyone a reason to give themselves a vacation and travel with us. We love and adore our friends and family and feel so blessed that they are a part of our world. Spending a week with all of them was really like having a taste of heaven while still on earth. Every day was so fun and memorable, we formed even stronger bonds and now have memories (and photos) to last a lifetime.”

“Being able to have our children be a part of the wedding ceremony was so important to us. For them to know how much their parents love each other and witnessing the promises we made to each other is hopefully something they will always remember. I look forward to continuing to demonstrate that love to them for the years to come. Having my eldest son walk me down the aisle was very special to me. Of course our twins as “ring security” is a very important job as well.”

“I think one of the reasons that our relationship has stood the test of time is because of the people we surround ourselves with. To hear the speeches and to feel the love from all of our guests truly made me know that we are blessed with amazing people in our lives. To see the genuine emotion that came from them because they were happy for our happy ending and new beginning, is what can bring me to tears when I look at all of our wedding photos. We are blessed beyond words with the love and support that we are surrounded with.”

“The morning of the wedding I woke up at dawn to thunder and lightning. My biggest fear for the wedding was that it would rain! I received a message from my cousin, she had woken up early and heard the thunderstorms.”

“She told me the storm reminded her of Jim and my ten year relationship. Sometimes life is not always easy and that we have had storms together as well. But we have always weathered the storms and made our relationship work. She said that rain washes away the dirt and waters the earth and makes things grow.”

“That’s what the storm represents for us. She said to remember that after the storms, brings rainbows. That day ended up being a beautiful sunny day and the beautiful wedding that followed was our rainbow.”

“My first phone call of the day at 7:00am was Gina, who asked me if I was going to sleep all day or get married. She met me for breakfast and her and Carla instead of getting ready themselves, spent their time taking care of the twins so that I could get ready.”

“My girls were my rock that day. Each with their own personality my friends are such a gift from God. It was just a beautiful and wonderful day. When I look at the pictures all I can see is happiness radiating from the people around us. This wedding was a blessing, from start to finish everything just fell into place.”

As Jess said: a wedding that has everything from a love story, drama, comedy and even some action!! Every time I hear the song “One Dance” by Drake I’m transported in my mind back to Mexico with all of my friends and family laughing and having a blast. “

“Ultimately what we will remember most of our day is how much love you can fit in one day. We appreciate all of those who came from so far away to be with us.”

“The video and voicemail that Tacks and George played really made me feel as though our friends who could not attend were a very meaningful part of our day. It was an amazing surprise and we are so grateful for that special touch. I have to mention as well that I’m grateful to have been able to have my mama by my side on this special day. My brother and Jim’s sister as well who knew each other before me and Jim had ever met. It just seems like this was all meant to be.”

“When I met Sol and Polly I felt so lucky to have them as our photographers. Sol and Polly are an amazing team. They are able to capture the essence of the moment. You just feel you are in the presence of greatness. They are such kind and capable people from the moment we met I knew we were in great hands. I love Del Sol’s style of photography. Playing with the light… it seems they can feel the love and bring it to the photos they create. “

“As my brother mentioned in his speech, mahal is a word that is very important to us. It is what we call each other. In tagalog it means love. We love… each other and our children. We love our families and our friends who have become family over the years. This wedding was about just that… love and thankfulness.”


Principal Photographer: Sol

Second Photographer: Polly

Destination Wedding Location: Grand Sunset Princess – Sunset Gazebo

Wedding Reception Location:  Grand Sunset Princess  – Chill out lounge

Destination Wedding Coordinator:   Lizbeth