Sheila and Nick’s plans were to have an intimate ceremony at the gazebo with family and close friends, which is a huge advantage of having a destination wedding far away from home.  It is not uncommon for brides to not want to step in the sand. As a matter of fact, many of them prefer the comfort of walking in high heels (Louis Vuitton) and not sinking 5 inches with each step.  After all, that kind of workout is left for the gym, not a wedding day :)

One element she didn’t expect was the RAIN.  With all del Sol Photography weddings, we welcome the elements and try our best to include the rain within our wedding portraits or at least include some element of the rain to remember the day.   Luckily, with rain clouds we get amazing sunsets!  Del Sol Photography captured a gorgeous sunset portrait on the terrace with the sun dipping past the horizon.

We thank Sheila and Nick for including us in their Cancun destination wedding, we are so glad you got married in Mexico! All the best for years to this gorgeous couple!