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Secrets Akumal Wedding – Jenna and Jill

“Our friends are a huge, important part of our lives and we wanted that represented in our bridal party and ceremony. When we are not spending time with each other, Jenna and I spend most of our time with those ladies, so each and every one of them is an important person in our lives.” – Jill

“All but one of Jenna’s bridesmaids are her friends from childhood! We’re talking like second grade. Isn’t that amazing? On my side I had my sister, my cousin (who is like a second sister) and three of my best friends.”

Two brides and 14 bridesmaids – that’s a lot of amazing feminine energy! These ladies were FUN! In fact there was an incredible team vibe throughout the whole wedding day. Jenna and Jill really made their loves ones part of the celebration. In turn their friends and family reciprocated with surprise speech collaborations, beautiful words and tons and tons of LOVE.

Jill:We wrote the entire ceremony ourselves. We really put a lot of thought into making it special and unique to us as a couple. There were a lot of things we wanted to be sure to include. From my Uncle, who has always been a really important person in my life, officiating, to two of our bridesmaids and best friends singing, we knew we wanted it to include all of the amazing people in our lives. We also wanted to include a nod to Jenna’s religion and the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass.”

“It all came together even better than we imagined. Standing there on the beach holding each other’s hands, with our best friends beside us and all of our loved ones watching. It truly was the most amazing moment of the day for us.” – Jill

Del Sol: You had GREAT speeches!

Jill: “Jenna’s dad’s speech was very touching and sweet and definitely made us both tear up. We loved the yin and yang of the sentimental speech from Jenna’s dad along with the funny and clever poem that our sisters did together. We had no idea that they had collaborated and thought that they were each going to be doing their own speech, so that was a very pleasant and sweet surprise.”

Del Sol: Jenna, you are usually the lady in charge of the running of the day, how did it feel to be in the middle of it all?

“Who, me? Trying to Creative Direct my wedding and worry about my hair? That wasn’t stressful at all… But in all seriousness, I absolutely loved everything about our wedding day. From the ceremony to the reception to the team of unbelievable ladies who captured it all, it was better than I could have ever imagined.” – Jenna

“When you plan a wedding (at home or destination) so much thought goes into it all. Even if it’s hundreds of miles away you still want to do all you can to make sure it will be picture perfect – and that’s exactly what Valeria and Polly did. For anyone who is planning a destination wedding, I know it can be nerve wracking to take a chance with photographers who you’ve never actually met in person before, but Valeria and Polly blew us away.”

“We were so impressed by their talent and creative vision. And they made our entire party feel so comfortable. We still get compliments from our family and friends. They were the perfect combination of professional and fun. Our bridesmaids even lovingly nicknamed Polly the “Laura Croft” of photography as she wasn’t afraid to get in the bushes or climb on rocks to get her shot. So it’s fair to say we thought they were pretty bad-ass, awesome women who really know their stuff.”

“Even when it rained, which was a very stressful moment for us, Valeria found a way to make it a magical moment we will never forget.” – Jenna

“To Valeria and Polly and the entire Del Sol team, you guys truly know how to capture all of the feels of our special day and we couldn’t be happier.”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“AMAZING! Both Valeria and Polly could not have been sweeter and more professional. I know at times it was hard to get all of those ladies to focus, but they really did a wonderful job of being stern but still making it fun for everyone and from what we’ve seen so far, the pictures show just how amazingly talented they are. We can’t wait to see the rest!”

“I also have to say that we loved that Valeria and Polly joined right in with the festivities and put on the glow necklaces and light up glasses at the reception. It made it feel like they were really enjoying themselves and we hope they were!” (we totally were – Polly :))

Del Sol: Why did you choose a destination wedding?

“We’d attended a wedding in Mexico a couple summers ago, at another Secrets resort and we just fell in love with it all. We loved that a destination wedding really keeps it more intimate, as not everyone is going to travel unless they are really close family or friends.”

“We really loved the fact that it’s like a vacation with all of the people you love the most, we got to spend quality time with our family and friends for days before the wedding. In the pool, on the beach, enjoying meals, in the nightclub, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball, and just enjoying each other’s company.”

“We also loved that because of the days leading up to the wedding by the time Saturday came all of our guests knew each other and felt comfortable with each other even if they didn’t know each other before Mexico. It was truly everything we wanted in our destination wedding.”

Del Sol: Why did you choose Secrets Akumal?

“We had an idea that we wanted to have our wedding at a Secrets resort as we had attended one in the past and loved it. However, we did our research and visited several other resorts as well. Ultimately the beautiful resort, attentive staff, and amazing amenities at Secrets Akumal won us over.”

“Abi in the wedding planning office was really on top of things and so very helpful all throughout the entire planning process. Everyone from the servers to the pool staff to the concierge could not have done a better job. We’ve already recommended Secrets Akumal to friends and family and will continue to do so. We can’t wait to go back for our anniversary!”

“We had nothing but a positive experience as a same sex couple getting married at Secrets Akumal. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, and their wedding planner Abi was AMAZING all the way through the process. There was actually a groom-groom wedding the day after ours so it really made us feel that the resort is truly a accepting and supportive venue for same sex couples looking to get married in Mexico.”


Principal Photographer: Valeria

Second Photographer: Polly

Destination Wedding Location: Secrets Akumal – Beach

Wedding Recaption Location: Secrets Akumal – Lagoon Pool

Destination Wedding Coordinator: Abigail Palacio

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