Cenote Trash the Dress with a Tattooed Groom

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“What makes us “cute” is the fact that Billy is about 8 inches taller than me. He has a sleeve of tattoos and dark brown hair making him look like a “bad boy.” I stand at 5’1″ with zero tattoos and blonde hair, making me look sweet and innocent. We get lots of comments on that and how “cute” it is that we are together!”

This Riviera Maya cenote trash the dress shoot was HOT! Erin and Billy are an active couple. They met through motocross and their need for speed and adrenaline made them ideal candidates for a trash the dress adventure. Erin has a sweet and innocent look, a contrast to tall, dark, and handsome tattooed Billy. They often get comments on their very different looks. Erin, in her pink motocross gear next to him we have to see!

Erin is a wedding photographer, she told us she has been inspired by Del Sol Photography for years, follows us closely on Pinterest and we were thrilled to meet her!

“I live in a conservative part of Pennsylvanian and have wanted to branch out in my own photography. I explored others who pursued trash the dress shoots. Once I found you guys I was very drawn in by your gorgeous images! Your lighting is stunning and the passion you show in your images is breathtaking. I can’t find anyone who can capture such gorgeous images like you guys here in the States. I would be honored to have you take my trash the dress photos. My fiance is in love with your work too and very excited that I’m set on having images taken of us like this to capture our love and passion in a unique way.”

We love a tattooed groom, and the contrast of Erin’s sweetness and Billy’s tall dark and handsome is pretty epic! Erin wore a Maggie Sottero gown with a tiara and Billy in a vest and tie. As they made their way underwater, Billy’s shirt came off and we discovered his tattoos. This was a HOT one, you can see the steam coming off of their bodies! We all had a good giggle when a naked tourist casually walked past during the shoot, you never know what you’ll find in cenote trash the dress session!

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