Anniversary Adam and Eve Session

Sandra + Hayden

“I played with the literal concept of Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. In my version of the story, when they eat the apple, the result is having a deeper bond as a couple. By eating the apple and welcoming sexuality they enter Paradise” – Sol Tamargo

Sexy Anniversary Photo ideas adam and eve couple in a cenote 10 year vow renewal

Sandra and Hayden had one of the most fun and sexy anniversary photography ideas EVER: Getting in naked in a cenote to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

We first met Sandra and Hayden just after they were married for a beach trash the dress session. 10 Years later they got back in touch looking to commemorate their anniversary in a special way. We were immediately intrigued by such a sexy request from a couple celebrating so many years of marriage and Del Sol co-founder Sol Tamargo decided to come up with something special for Sandra and Hayden.  We talked to Sol about her intentions for the experience and the power of an Adam and Eve experience.