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We love to push boundaries and take the gifts the universe give us to make amazing art. A mix of couples boudoir, trash the dress, fine art nude and underwater photography: Adam and Eve sessions are the ultimate Trash The Dress (TTD). If TTD is all about coming undone how much more undone can you be than naked!  #NSFW (Not Safe For Work) usually applies these shoots :)

We are proud to have been recognized as the innovators behind the “Adam and Eve” sessions, creating a new concept in wedding photography. Huffington Post named Del Sol Photography “Wedding Trailblazers” after our first sessions hit the internet.

The road to the Adam and Eve concept is paved with many awesome couples. It is an ultimate gesture of trust for our clients to let us shoot them naked.

Randy and Susan told us the inspiration for their Trash the Dress session was the video for the song “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. Susan was hesitant to use her wedding dress for the shoot so she brought along a second-hand dress. In the cenote she discovered that the dress didn’t quite fit and ended up swimming right out of it. The dress floated up beside her and (with the help of a photobombing catfish) really fueled the idea for Matt Adcock.

Danielle and Brandon’s session is the first ever photo shoot where our clients literally shed their clothing to get down to their birthday suits, totally nude and comfortable in their nakedness together.  Have a look at their shoot, it is a wonderful mix of clothed and shots in the buff.

The reality of an Adam and Eve TTD

None of our brides or grooms are models, none of them know how to pose nor how to hold their bodies and usually all have a goofy puffy face while holding their breath while underwater. We’re constantly directing: “open your eyes, don’t hide your face” or “Oops, wardrobe malfunction, pull up the dress.” That’s coupled with water temperatures that are 62, 65 degrees — it’s cold.

What our clients say about their Adam and Eve TTD:

“I knew I wanted sexy pictures but was not sure how comfortable I would be taking my clothes off.  I was so comfortable that by the end I was walking around totally naked and totally comfortable, this was a first and I loved it.” – Lorriane 

“That’s what Del Sol does. They create an unforgettable experience and then magically transform it into pictures. We personally encourage everyone to do it.” – Lina and Serge

“Honestly, we love to be naked in nature, so we were very excited to create art (thanks to Sol!) that is reflective of our relationship.  Sol and the team were very enjoyable to work with and always kept the environment very comfortable.  Relax, have fun with the shoot, and let your love shine!” – Emily + Scotty

Quisimos tener unas fotos sexys como pareja…fotos lindas que pudiéramos disfrutar y conservar de por vida.- Sandra y Javier


Wow… Adam & Eve sessions sound amazing, but I have a few questions:

Do I have to get completely naked?  Will there be people all around me?
Well, there are no rules and this is the beautiful thing about art.   Ideally, we start out fully dressed and do half with clothes on and we slowly start the unclothing process: bit by bit, photo by photo, pieces come off.  We take this opportunity to photography some sexy lingerie, perhaps bring a few options to play with.  Often, we are concealing nudity with pieces of fabrics such as the veil, cleverly placed body parts.  In most cases, we try to avoid crowds and have some very special secluded cenotes and beaches for these types of shoots.

We are afraid you will post photos on the internet?
We always reference (Bits and Pieces) as something we are trying to protect from flying around! Full nudity is hard to share on social networks so we often shoot a “safe” picture and of course, the risky ones as well.  In ALL cases, we always ask our clients for permission to publish before any risqué images go public.

Do I have to be getting married to do an Adam and Eve Trash the Dress?
Not at all! You don’t need to wear a wedding dress, get creative! We had epic shoots before the wedding day and that amazing anniversary sessions like Tiffany + Tauren

Do I need to mention our interest in the Adam and Eve?
Odd as this question is, we sometimes discover ON THE SHOOT day that our clients are wanting to get naked! Please, if you book us for a trash the dress session don’t be shy and tell us right away if you are thinking about stripping off.  This question ahead of time will help us choose the location and put us on the right page for making decisions ahead of time.  Being spontaneous is always ok too!

What kind of fabric is best for swimming?
Yes, eventually the dress comes OFF… but we still shoot pics with the dress on for the first half of the session.  There are limitations with some longer dresses that have more fabric, we recommend organza, chiffon, tulle and lace. If you’re considering a strapless dress please make sure it fights tight and comfortably. We work in shallow areas to do a little testing prior to full out swimming in the gown and we always have an additional assistance on hand for safety. 

 What should the groom wear?
Linen, khaki, or cotton pants. A cotton shirt or button up will do (avoid tank tops). As long as its breathes. We have had some clients wear jeans, but they do get quite heavy to swim in. Bottom line be comfortable and remember you will get wet – pink and black polka dot boxers under wet khaki linen pants are funny to some but not everyone (just a tip!)  Having fun with undergarments it ok.. how about a superman shirt ?

Should I bring my veil for the water? How about props?
Sure thing, lace floating in crystal clear water photographs amazing. Plus, we may use it before it gets wet. We also recommend you to bring your bouquet, heels, signs, accessories and other cool props you can think of: SHOES… Barefoot Jewelry… Lingerie!

One last thing…  Knowing how to swim helps, but isn’t required.  Sabrina couldn’t swim at all….but that didn’t stop her from being fabulous and looking like a magazine cover.

Want to see more? Here are some of del Sol Photography’s fave Adam and Eve Trash the Dress Sessions:

Emily + Scotty – when couples tell us from the get-go they have an exhibitionist streak we know we’ll have fun! One of our favorite Adam and Eve sessions of 2015
Tiffany + Tauren – to mark their first anniversary this smoking hot couple came back to visit us!
Danielle + Brandon – the first ever session where the bride and groom literally shed their clothing to get down to their birthday suits
Adrienne + Scott – see if you can spot the creative solution to photographing a Prince Albert ;)

We also feature a collection with tips, ideas and  “How to ROCK your underwater trash the dress session”

If you have any more questions please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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