Adam and Eve Trash the Dress

If people were meant to be nude, they would have been born this way – Oscar Wilde

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Adam and Eve trash the dress

What is an Adam and Eve Couple Experience?

Adam and Eve couple experiences sessions are a mix of couples boudoir, trash the dress, fine art nude, and underwater photography. It’s capturing you naked in nature in a beautiful and artistic way.  We keep it tasteful! If trash the dress and couple experiences are sessions are about coming undone, Adam and Eve photoshoots are the ultimate. How much more undone can you be than the birthday suit?  Honestly, though, we cover, hide, and creatively pose our shots for safe factors.

We love to push boundaries and take the gifts the universe gives us to make amazing art. We are proud to have been recognized as the innovators behind the “Adam and Eve” sessions, creating a new concept in wedding photography. Huffington Post named Matt Adcock and his team at Del Sol “Wedding Trailblazers” after his first sessions hit the internet.

Why have an Adam and Eve Experience

Fine art nude photography and couples boudoir sessions are an amazing experience. Though the obvious thing to focus on is the badass images that result from the session – don’t forget the process. There is something extremely special about being naked in nature with your partner. It’s also a really fun (and often funny) shared experience!

We generally start wearing something for some “safe” photos, then gradually peel away the layers. We aim to deliver a selection of photos that you can hang on your walls, share on social media (without breaking community guidelines – holla Instagram!), and some that you will keep for your eyes only!

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