Secrets Maroma Elopement

Hali + Jeremy

“Finding true love gave me a sense of fulfillment and completion. It allowed me to finally let my guards down and accept the man that was standing before me. It made me more trusting and a better woman.” – Hali

Del Sol: Tell us what is special about your love story?

Hali: “We discovered that our lives are nearly identical. We met in St. Petersburg, FL. At that time, both of our moms lived within an hour of each other in Tennessee, which made it convenient for family visits. We both grew up as only children with divorced parents. Both of our mothers put themselves through college and made careers after their divorces while raising each of us. We both had girls from a prior marriage and they were both only children. Both of our fathers died at the same age. The list does still go on, along with some other tragic similarities.”

“Although tragic, we are even closer for the parallels in our life stories. Many couples notice similarities, but ours are so uncanny. Neither one of us are religious people, but both feel that we were truly meant to find one another and be together.” – Hali