bride and groom kiss at avenue of the oaks st simons island wedding

St Simons Island Wedding – Rachel and Andrew

Family legacy is a beautiful thing and wonderful to celebrate. Your wedding day is the perfect time to express how much you cherish your family’s love. As you move into the next phase of life it’s a meaningful time to honor previous generations.

We often see parents and grandparents wedding photographs displayed at weddings. Some brides honor their mother by wearing her wedding dress. This is the first time that we have heard a bride read her mother and father’s wedding vows.

“In every age and in all places, people are drawn together in times of happiness and joy.”

“They come together in times like this so that they may celebrate the joining of community and family. Out of different backgrounds and separate worlds of experience two people came together in Christian marriage to participate in a new and deeper relationship of sharing and caring.

“The ideal of marriage does not require one to lose identity or individuality. Rather it magnifies uniqueness as each shares particular gifts of life with another.”

“In loving relationships, one discovers freedom in responsibility. And in meaningful marriage, one shares because he discovers he had received the greatest gift of all: the gift of love.”

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel they are joined for life – to strengthen each other in all labor. To rest on each other in all sorrow. Minster to each other in all pain. Be one with each other in the silent unspeakable memories of life.”

“These are the vows that my mom and dad wrote and used for their wedding in the same church on September 27, 1986. It was a surreal moment for Andrew and I to be able to stand in the same spot that my parents stood 30 years ago when they pledged their love to each other. The vows that they wrote held a lot of meaning for us and are so relevant to our relationship. Andrew and I are both very independent people. We loved the part about not losing your identity or individuality once you are married. Instead, we capitalize on that uniqueness to become better together.” – Rachel

After their wedding ceremony Rachel and Andrew rode across town in a trolley to the “Avenue of the Oaks”. The ancient trees once again reminding us of the passing of time and the generations that went before.

“In the “Avenue of the Oaks”, if you stand between the trees at one end and look toward the other end, you can see the beautiful natural canopy provided by these majestic live oak trees.  This once served as the carriage entrance to Retreat Plantation, an Antebellum plantation known for its superior quality Sea Island Cotton.  Anna Page King inherited the property in the early 1800s and planted these trees on either side of the carriage path entrance to the property.”

“Most people don’t know that in the early days, St Simons Island supported a thriving lumber industry.  Oak timbers from St. Simons were used in 1794 to build the U.S.S. frigate Constitution, named Old Ironsides. In 1874, St Simons timbers were used in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The average lifespan of live oak trees is about 300 years, and many live longer than that. “

“It seemed very fitting as Rachel and Andrew began their marriage, to have photographs in an area that is surrounded by these oak trees that symbolize such strength, beauty, and longevity.” – Rene Shelnutt, Rachel’s mother

Del Sol Photography is known for documenting weddings in the Mexican Caribbean but we’re happy to take a trip stateside. Co-founder Matt Adcock has many years of weddings in the US. On this occasion he was joined by friend Ben Chrisman.

“When Andrew and I got engaged he told me immediately that he had a photography company in mind. He attended a friend’s wedding in Cancun a few years ago, and was blown away by the pictures that del Sol produced from this wedding. He claimed that these were his favorite wedding pictures, and totally unique from any others that he had seen.”

“We did a little research, and after looking on their website, I was sold. However, we noticed that all of the weddings that they photographed were in Mexico. Andrew was insistent that we contact them, and ask if they would be willing to come to Georgia to shoot our wedding. When Matt agreed to make the trip to St. Simons Island, Andrew and I were ecstatic.”

“I’m originally from Georgia. I spent the first part of my professional career living and working a few summers on the Golden Isles: Jekyll Island, St Simons island, and Sea Island. I’ve shot more than a dozen weddings in the surrounding areas.  Making the connection with Andrew and Rachel so many years after my last visit was very special for me. Especially considering the path I’ve been on has landed me far away in the Mexican Caribbean.” – Matt

“Matt was so easy to work with, and we enjoyed having such a hard working, yet easy going photographer for our big day. Matt also arranged to have his friend Ben join to help take pictures, and we were so impressed with their attention to detail and willingness to capture every moment.” – Rachel

Principal Photographer: Matt Adcock

Second Photographer: Ben Chrisman

Wedding Ceremony Location: First Baptist St Simons Church – St Simons Island, Georgia

Reception: St. Simons Casino Building – Casino Atrium – St Simons Island, Georgia

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Hair Stylist: Bienvenue

Makeup Artist: Judy Crouch

Catering: Festive Occasions

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