Tulum Family portraits – Roxy, Travis and Setareh

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“A picture will say 1000 words, but it will also invoke a deep memory and a remembrance of a moment. And that’s what I wanted to capture was the moment.” – Roxy

Words and photos by Matt Adcock – tulum family portraits

This is the story of Roxy, Travis and Setareh and their Tulum family portrait session!  We start be showcasing the magic of where we are hanging out.  Location, location, location:  Tulum Mexico.

AHHH, do you know the beaches of Tulum?  It’s November 2018 and the waters here are crystal clear. No seaweed and pure turquoise magical colors! We asked Roxy to talk to us about why she chose to travel with her husband and 8 month old daughter to Mexico and how she was enjoying the magical experience of motherhood!

“Playa del Carmen is a place that feeds our soul and nourishes us. We know it will be the perfect place to get married.” – Roxy

Roxy: “We traveled to Tulum, as we were looking at places for our destination wedding. We travel to Playa Del Carmen almost every year. I secretly wanted to get married where my sister got married just so I could use her photographer. However, I just found out that Del Sol Photography and Matt travel everywhere!”

Family Watching pelican in tulum

A beautiful sunny day in Tulum

I love that Travis and Roxy named their baby girl Setareh, a name of Persian origin meaning “star” or “fate”. We are so thankful to make memories that give new parents the ability to have some personal reflection.

“Setareh, merci for the lessons, for the wisdom, and for all that you bring into our lives my sweet old soul. Your eyes truly take me deep into your soul every time I look into those eyes. sweet baby girl, merci. A love so pure, a heart, a soul so deep, thank you for this gift.” – Roxy

tulum family portraits in the caribbean ocean

WOW, look at this water ! Crystal clear water and tulum family portraits.

There is a very special connection an artist can have with a family who becomes a legacy client. The connection grows with time and the experience of getting to know them over the years. It’s a privilege to see them grow. In Roxy’s case I’ve already met her and her sister and brother-in-law (Rashan and Aric) in the past. I’ve been lucky to celebrate with them and photography their family together.

Beautiful Baby, Tulum Family Photo session.

Beautiful Baby Star, Tulum Family Photo session.

Baby Star Tulum Family Portraits

Her name is Setareh, a name of Persian origin meaning “star” or “fate.”

“Being a mother has taught me patience, unconditional love, strength, and has allowed me to detach from any expectations, of how I think things should be.” – Roxy

When we showed Roxy her photographs with STAR and she was moved to write an entire dialogue about the images made her feel about being a mother.

“Being a mother has taught me sooo much in a short time.
it has taught me patience, unconditional love, strength, and has allowed me to detach from any expectations, of how I think things should be.
a full surrender.
a rebirth.
it has allowed me to trust my intuition and feel deeply.
it has allowed me to go through a rites of passage into motherhood.
it has allowed for a deep expansion.
it has brought me a community of mama tribe who all operate from a pure level selflessness + support.
it has taught me to be okay with things as they are in knowing that it’s perfect.
it has brought me more playfulness.”

their kiss tulum family portraits

They have a special way they look at one another

“Being a mother has allowed me to see the perfection in imperfection.” – Roxy

“Being a mother …
it has brought me laughter, tears, and every emotion in between.
it has allowed me to let go of my routines, let go of my to do list, and just be.
be okay with it all.
be present.
be love.
it has allowed me to see the perfection in imperfection.
it has taught me to enjoy the simple things.
it has allowed me to look at life through the eyes and innocence of a child.
held by the love of the universe.
supported by the love of my child.”  – Roxy

tulum family portraits photographer

Beautiful Love – Travel for love with your family

We thank Roxy so much for these kind words and testimonial for Del Sol Photography!

 “It was amazing to work with Matt. He is such an enthusiastic. A true artist and a visionary as well as an amazing photographer.” – Roxy

“I first met Matt five years ago, at my sister’s wedding and again for her family photos for couple years following that. Her wedding pictures are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. All the moments that were captured are all natural and truly brought an essence of the special evening.

“Matt really has an eye for capturing moments which will take you back to the feeling you had, similar how a song can take you back to a memory. He has an eye for where to take photos, and knows how to bring your vision to life…” – Roxy

Family Portraits - Tulum, Mexico. Photos by Del Sol Photography

Family Photo in Tulum Mexico

Tulum Family Portrait Session Photographer: Matt Adcock
Visit Roxy and Travis’ website: Ceremony Meditation

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