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Wedding at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun – Shana & Eric

Shana and Eric didn’t take a traditional approach to their wedding ceremony.  Typically, you’ll see guests seated and turning their heads to wait for the bride and groom, but this couple wanted to change the game up. They decided to have the entire group walk up together and made the entire entrance more epic with a classic high five as they arrived at the ceremony… Cheers to that!

As far as the decision to not have my dad walk me down the aisle…  I just don’t think I could’ve handled it.  I’m an only child, and the thought of him giving me away broke my heart.  I love my parents so much, they’ve provided me with so many opportunities, I feel like our trio of a family is the core center of my being… marriage, to us, is about a community of people coming together, not just to witness your commitment to one another, but to support it.  To promise to be there throughout it.  This was important to demonstrate with us leading the pack down the aisle the day of the ceremony.  We want our family and friends to forever be a part of our lives, to love us and encourage us throughout our marriage, not just to watch it happen.  – Shana

We look for surprises at every wedding.  Eric and Shana had a band, an acrobatics symbolic dance and  “water drummers” do a set in front of the entire crowd. With Shana a modern dancer and Eric a chef, we can clearly see art, performance and creativity are important to them.

Of course we can’t miss a special mention for Shana’s incredible red ruffled wedding dress by Wai-Ching. Shana admits she loves a little drama and a bride with bright the red frills set against a blue sky are a spectacular alternative to traditional wedding white.

Last word goes to the great team at Secrets Capri:

I particularly liked Secrets Capri Riviera because they seemed to promote a truly exceptional experience for their guests and take pride in making them the happiest they can be and it seemed more secluded and intimate than most other all inclusive resorts… They did not disappoint and exceeded our expectations! – Shana

Primary Photographer: Martina
Wedding Ceremony: Secrets Capri – Beach
Wedding Reception: Secrets Capri – Pool
Wedding Dress: Wai-Ching from Glitter and Grit
Hand Painted Glasses: Amanda Lee Glassware