Healing Art Experiences

Del Sol Photography have long been designing experiences for our clients. We know that the experiences that we have in our lifetime make us the people we are! Our goal is to share epic experiences that change us, and help us connect with our loved ones and ourselves. Ultimately the photographs that we deliver are anchors that bring us back to our experiences time and again, reliving the emotions we felt during our experience, keeping that memory fresh forever.

Wings to Fly – a Healing Art Experience

“Wings to Fly =  “Soul Expansion” is an alternative therapy combining moving meditation,  releasing emotions and photography” – Sol Tamargo

The Wings to Fly Experience is an alternative therapy. A spiritual awakening and wellness therapy using emotions and movement – resulting in fine art photography images. Though the experience could be described as a conceptual portrait project the session is so much more. We consider the Wings to Fly session a “Healing Art” experience.

“Consciously moving our emotions opens the places they’ve been stored, causing us harm. Movement and release heal. By acknowledging our blocks we can releasing the toxic energies and balance our spirit.” – Sol Tamargo

The healing therapy session is a dialogue, an exchange. Each session is unique, an investigation into the personal liberation and wellness of each participant.

“I talk with the people and I am constantly asking questions to help them open the wings, realize where is the block and release… Wings to fly – “Alas para volar” – Sol Tamargo

We are always excited to hear your story and create bespoke, custom experiences for individuals and groups. To find out more about our Wings to Fly and Healing Art experiences, contact us via our contact form.

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