For All the Women in the World… Healing Art

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From the desk of Sol….

People often ask me what I do to keep my super-happy high energy. I’m always sharing happy images, positive things on Facebook and Instagram, and jump through the door in to work in the morning spreading kisses and hugs and good vibes to everyone!  Today I received a message from a dear friend asking for my recipe for positivity. She is battling a deep depression, to the point of trying to end her life. I’m still in shock. Therefore I decided to publish this story today.

 My life has been a adventure with ups and downs and my share of salty tears washing away my sorrows. My “super happy” powers can run low, so I decided to take action to recharge my happy energy, among the things I’m currently doing is creating a Super Woman League for Del Sol Photography!

I LOVE being a woman, I’m amazed by our kind. How we can go from being vulnerable, delicate flowers, to  the strongest warriors in life. We possess the passion of a thousand seas, stop traffic with our walk and hearts with our smile. We are volatile creatures, change our minds in the blink of an eye, unpredictable and always full of surprises. No matter our age, race, anything; when we love there is nothing that compares to the feeling of being in our arms and receiving our kisses. Women are MAGICAL.

All this magic sometimes needs to be recharged. There are times when we forget we are SUPERWOMEN! We forget the power that comes from our souls, we feel lost, sad, weak, depressed. We need friendly reminders of the amazing creatures we are. So I have a new mission in life: I want to inspire and help other women find the Super Women inside themselves and keep a happy, healthy and sexy lifestyle and inspire others to do the same, some sort of “Pay it Forward” kind of thing..

My first act as founder of my Super Woman League is an underwater portrait project. Being in nature is the best way to connect with Mother Earth, the Universe, and get recharged. Also, when we are underwater we can fly! And magical things happen.

I started with my friend Kay, a very successful woman who owns her own company and travels the world helping others. She’s beautiful, spiritual, smart: an adventurer! However even a mega achiever like Kay sometimes forgets her super powers. Kay recently shared these thoughts:

The untimely death of Robin Williams has touched me deeply. I battle with depression. For years I thought I could fight it on my own, alone. I hid my desperation with work. Denying my true feelings of hopelessness.

I finally realized that no matter how hard I pulled up my big girl panties and tried to suck it up, the depression was not going away. I put my ego aside and got the help I needed. Life is so much better now. I love my life again.

If you suffer from depression or know someone who does, reach out!
There are options to start living a happy life, really there are. – Kay

Kay was the ideal first guinea pig for my project. I wanted her to look like the goddess she is, we discussed a few ideas and when the day of the photoshoot came, Kay arrived dressed as Wonder Woman! That was perfect!

She’s the first of what I’m envisioning to be a grand project. Hopefully I can help many many women get in touch with their inner Super Hero Goddess.

This project is for ALL the Women in the world, but especially a tribute to the Super Women close to me, those who have helped me become the woman I am and continue to inspire me to help others : My 87 year old Grandma, my mother who raised 4 children without a man, my blood sisters; my second mother Vicky who adopted me in Playa and constantly reminds me not to take my self too seriously, my new adopted sisters that the universe sends my way and the Super Amazing Women that work with me in del Sol to create ART. GRACIAS to ALL of you. Amazing Women. SUPER WOMAN! I hope that my dear friend in trouble and anyone like her will find inspiration, peace and joy!

— Sol

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  1. SuperSue
    SuperSue says:

    Thank you, i dont know if i found you, you found me or we found each other but we are warriors and we came here to this world to make it a better place. Im here for you. Anything you need… I want you to shine so bright i can see you from Spain… I love you!!!

  2. Sol Tamargo
    Sol Tamargo says:

    SuperSue.. We SuperWomen find each others. But you are indeed a VERY SPECIAL One for ME, as I feel I am for YOU. Lets keep helping other Superwomen find themselves and join the league. I’m shinning now! Can you see me from Spain???? LOOOVE YOU!!!!! Besos Amiga preciosa!

  3. Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman
    Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman says:

    Sol, it is amazing… out out of a fun photo shoot we are able to convey a powerful message to those who need it, and to bring awareness to others so that they may help.

    We are all super women, and it does not take a red cape or boots (although it does not hurt) but we have to realize that there is no shame when we are challenged and believe the light is there even when we cannot see it.

    Like a flower, given the right about of sunlight, water and nutrients we can blossom and flourish and ask for what you need!

    Super Women, be gentle on yourselves, do not beat yourselves up, the world can be harsh enough. Instead celebrate who you are no matter where you are at today.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out to your sister-heros in need.
    Sometimes listening and love is all it takes.

  4. Liliana (Beba) Rangel
    Liliana (Beba) Rangel says:

    Hola Sol. You have brought tears to my eyes with this. I Am struggling with depression too and living a huge proof of life right now. However deep in my heart I know life is absolutely worth it and that I will get well soon. You have brought me hope and motivation to keep going. Thank you and please keep spreading your optimistic message. Big hug and blessings ♡

  5. Ross Lysinger
    Ross Lysinger says:

    Kay truly is a super woman ! She just spent a week with us in thr British Virgin Islands on one of our Pilates Cruises. It is an honor to have her as a friend and I look forward to more adventures with her soon – cape or not!

  6. Sol
    Sol says:


    Start thinking on your superwoman/goddess outfit and lets do a photo to lift that spirit :)

  7. Sol
    Sol says:


    Muchas gracias amiga, for allowing me to be close to you and to share this intimate story/images … by helping others we help ourselves… Let’s have some fun and make waves!!!
    Super Women League!! :)

  8. Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown says:

    Wow, Kay is an amazing free spirited lady. She has an Ora around her that allows any individual to be relaxed and express their self as to how they trully feel….

  9. Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman
    Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman says:

    Sol, I love the energy we share and the vision we have not only for our own lives but how to enrich the lives of others.

    Stephen: thank you for your kind worlds. too many times as people we withhold our true selves from others because of fear. So many times those fears are imagined in our minds, and those fears are false.

    Ross: My Capt. it was wonderful to be with you and the super women for the Pilates Cruise. May we sail again. And thank you for being my friend.

  10. Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman
    Kay Walten aka Wonder Woman says:

    Lianan keep hope in your heart. Don’t let depression steal the magic each moment of life has to offer. Be blessed, you are loved!

  11. Liliana
    Liliana says:

    Thank you Sol. Maybe I’ll keep your offer for later, I don’t want to have pictures of me right now. Love and blessings!

    Kay I’m trying believe me. Thank you for your message. Love and blessings!

  12. ariel
    ariel says:

    I love this. very inspiring

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