• The sacred cenote at Chable Resort, Merida, Yucatan, Colonial boutique hotel
  • Flowering lilies at Chable Resort, Merida, Yucatan, Colonial boutique hotel
  • Massage table Chable Resort and Spa, Merida, Yucatan, Colonial boutique hotel
  • Historic arch entrance Chable Resort, Merida, Yucatan, Colonial boutique hotel
  • one of the many amazing walls with trees growing Chable Resort, Colonial boutique hotel
  • Luxurious shower inside contemporary suite at Chable Resort, Merida, Yucatan
  • Contemporary Plunge pool at Suite. Chable resort in Merida
  • Perfect harmony between old Hacienda Ruins and Contemporary Luxury Suites at Chable Resort
  • Blessed by a million stars, nights will make you experience the Magic of Mother Nature at Chable Resort, Merida Yucatan
  • Old trees guard the Hacienda Like grandfathers of this land at Chable Resort, Merida Yucatan
  • Beautiful gardens guarded by Ceiba trees at the Entrace of Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Bright Red walls in the main house at the Old Hacienda Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Sacred Cenote Waters will heal your soul at Chable Resort , Merida Yucatan
  • Organic breakfast at the lush gardens at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Old walls that speak history at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Lilly with a bee. Nature everywhere at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Lilly's at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Plunge Pool, contemporary in the middle of the jungle at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan
  • Twilight at the Plunge pool during sunset at Chable Resort, Merida Yucatan
  • View of the suite after sunset at Chable Resort Merida Yucatan

Chable Spa Resort – Haciendas – Merida

The Chable Spa Resort is a new boutique hotel opened in 2017 near Merida, Yucatan. Sol was invited to explore Chable to enjoy and document the peace, beauty and glamour of this retreat in the jungle. Guests will enjoy the history of the Hacienda San Antonio Chable, originally built in the 17th century for cattle and corn before being converted into a “henequenera”, using agave plants to create sisal fibers.

The haciendas of the Yucatan are similar to the plantations of the southern United States, at their height in the early 1900’s, they were thriving villages with hundreds of workers, onsite chapels, schools, infirmaries, and living quarters. In the 1940’s the sisal industry crashed and many haciendas were abandoned and left to ruin. Fortunately for us, many haciendas have been restored to their former majesty and converted into luxurious boutique hotels and spas.

The Chable Spa Resort in the Yucatan is a lovely example of the blend of ancient hacienda architecture and modern resort touches, the best of the old and new worlds. Located about 40 minutes from the city of Merida, it offers guests a luxurious escape surrounded by nature and history. The grounds are perfect for garden weddings, the soaring ceiba trees and lush plants and flowers contrasting with the ancient structures of the hacienda create magical settings for romance. The gardens also provide the freshest of local produce, the chefs incorporating the harvest of fruits, vegetables and herbs into the cuisine, there is a lovely daily ritual every morning at the “Canche” Mayan word for the gardens, chef and other members of the kitchen come to “harvest” while someone plays the flute and others serve a special drink “honoring” the garden “Aluxes” guardians that make everything grow beautifully! . Wine lovers will enjoy the onsite cellar and the expertise of the sommeliers with an extensive selection of local and international vintages and guests may indulge in tequila tastings in the Ix’im El Signature restaurant tequila museum, with the largest tequila coleccion in the world.

Chef takes pride in the exquisit dishes prepared from breakfast to dinner, using organic and local produce. A highlight will the the 1,000 candles dinner at the garden, under a tree.. spectacular!!!

The villas are peaceful retreats unto themselves, floor to ceiling windows and the use of natural elements of wood and stone create harmony and light and an ideal place to relax. The villas have their own private pools to refresh the body and soul. The Royal and Presidential villas provides the most exclusive Chable accommodations, three bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living rooms and kitchens, private pool and jacuzzi, a luxury home away from home.

The Chable Spa Resort, is a work of art itself, builded around the cenote, tucked in the lush vegetation, offers several activities for the more adventurous spirits, an extended bike trail, tennis courts, fully-equipped gym, archery, geocaching and yoga will keep active guests busy. The spa will pamper guests with a variety of services including healing therapies by very special gifted therapist,  massages, body treatments and facials. The private cenote is like a little Eden in Yucatan, fresh cool waters with floating lily pads and resident catfish, a perfect place for meditation and reflection. As night falls, the stars come out and guests are invited to discover the planets and galaxies through a powerful telescope in the garden.

Chable will also be perfect for destination weddings for couples seeking colonial mexico with an absolutely unique and boutique feeling.

***We are honored to be asked by Chable Spa + Resort to be one of the first to photograph this intimate and beautiful boutique property.

Photographer: Sol

Location: Chable Spa Resort – Merida, Yucatan

Our photos can also be found published in Forbes Magazine’s feature on Chable: Chablé Resort to Open Stunning Underground Cenote Spa in Mexico’s Yucatán Jungle (Exclusive)

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