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Pink Romance

Would you fly to Mexico and leave your trip in our hands?

Well, Audrey and Richy did! We met them 9 years ago, when we photographed their Trash The Dress. Their photo session turned into the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Every day we learn more and more about beautiful love stories and get to see the most incredible places in Mexico. We decided to create a new experience for tourists who want to become travelers and step out of their comfort zone – live an adventure that will remain in their memories and hearts forever.

Let’s surprise Audrey and Richy with a vow renewal – in the middle of nowhere!

Audrey and Richy have been married for 9 years. They have two beautiful kids and they work together at their advertising company in Louisiana. We knew they wouldn´t have time to prepare a special celebration for their anniversary. We wanted them to have the most memorable experience to celebrate their love and life together, so the first thing we wanted to do was surprise them with a vow renewal ceremony.

We wanted a location that was beautiful and meaningful. We found a spot in the middle of a nature reserve located in the Yucatan Peninsula called Ria Lagartos.

Ria Lagartos is a very special corner of the Planet: a colony of pink flamingos come every year to find their life partner. Choosing a life partner is not easy when you’re a flamingo. The male has to dance to show the ladies what he’s got! Once he grabs the attention of a female, they go out on a romantic date and mate for life. (We like to imagine they actually have a romantic date).

What is Audrey going to wear!?

Yes, we know… every woman needs a dress, especially if she’s about to have a romantic vow renewal. We didn’t want her to wear a swimsuit, right!? We imagined Audrey wearing a bright pink dress, a homage to pink flamingo love.

We met with fashion designer David Salomon, a talented artist from Yucatan. He loved our idea of dressing Audrey as a Pink Flamingo. Sol explained her vision to David and he designed a breathtaking dress. He didn’t know Audrey’s size so we asked Richy to help us out and oh, we laughed! (You have to see the video to see what we’re talking about).

Location and dress… what next?

Did you really think that we were going to stop there? Oh, no! Our Pink Romance adventure took months of planning, scouting, finding locations, talking to people and even having a Flamingo Limo Boat specially designed for the occasion!

Before the vow renewal ceremony, we wanted Audrey and Richy to go on a journey with us. They swam in a spectacular cenote, they walked  in the middle of mangroves and arrived by boat to the exclusive Nirvana Blue to sleep under the stars.

These experiences opened their hearts and reminded them of the strong bond that has kept them together. They were inspired and we asked them to write to each other. Their words would later be their new vows, though they didn’t know it yet!

Pink Romance

Audrey and Richy were ready to embark, (literally) on a very romantic tour around Ria Lagartos. We were taking them to experience the Mayan SPA. No, not a SPA in a hotel, the Mayan SPA is where locals take travelers to cover their bodies in clay and then cleanse at a very special spot where fresh water bubbles out of the salt water.

The clay of the Mayan Spa is rich in minerals and used to renew the skin. For us it was symbolic of the renewal that they were about to experience of their vows and their relationship. It was a preparation for what was to come, and also an excuse to embrace their inner child and play in mud!

We took Audrey and Richy to the freshwater source to cleanse their bodies and we revealed Audrey’s dress. David Salomon nailed it! She looked like a flamingo with her wings opened!

Our “flamingo” couple was ready for the big moment: the vow renewal! the vow renewal was officiated by the most charismatic tour guide in Rio Lagartos: Diego Nuñez. A man who loves nature, life and, of course, love.

In the middle of this nature reserve, surrounded by birds, mangroves and water, Audrey and Richy exchanged their vows:

“In my eyes, you and I have the perfect relationship, we were friends at first, and then now, we’re best friends. You complete me. You truly are one of a kind. You’ve taught me so much about life, and love. I just want to say: you are the love of my life, and I’ll thank you forever for that”, Richy.

“I am so blessed, to be your wife, and your soulmate. I couldn’t imagine life without you, thank you for loving me, unconditionally”, Audrey.

Travel for Love

Pink Romance is the first of the many experiences we want to create for every single person out there that would like to have an amazing adventure with loved ones. Each and every one of these experiences, will be filmed and broadcast at Del Sol WebTV, our new project!

To see Audrey and Richy holding each other and feeling like it was the first time they saw each other, was the result we wanted. All of us at Del Sol want that.

We want you, yes, you, to stop for a minute. Forget for 60 seconds the problems at work, the traffic, the everyday routine. Now tell us… where would you like to go? We’re here, waiting for you…

Photos by Sol Tamargo
Photos by Polly
Video + Edition by Karla
Drone Video by Matt
Cinematic video by Tommy Plesky
Technical assistance by Arube Coronel

Special thanks

Yucatan Tourism Board that embraced our original idea and helped us with transportation and logistics. #ExperienciasInfinitas

David Salomon, Fashion Designer from Yucatan who made the amazing pink dress without even meeting the bride.

El Taj Hotel, in Playa del Carmen for offering the best view from a roof top for Audrey and Richi’s nights in Playa del Carmen.

Nirvana Blue Yucatan, an exclusive hotel located in the middle of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere that hosted and pampered us with hospitality and food that took us to heaven.

Don Cheto, artist and owner of Macumba Hotel and Restaurant that made the lazo for the Vow Renewal ceremony.

Diego, from Ria Lagartos Adventures, for driving us around on his boats and officiated the ceremony.

Cenote Hubiko, for opening our hearts with sacred cenote water.

Concept by Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

Special thanks to Creative Advertising (Audrey and Richy’s company) for letting the take time away to celebrate pink romance with us :)

Life is now. Be present. LOVE and Travel for LOVE!

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