Adam + Eve Cenote Trash the Dress Couple’s experience- Emily and Scotty

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“When I first saw Emily I thought she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Five years later I saw her again – this time I had to make it happen!” – Scotty Adam Eve Cenote Trash the dress

Emily and Scotty have an amazing connection and we love the story of how they got together. Emily told us: When I finally met this guy “Scotty” whom I had heard about for years, I was immediately intrigued.  I ended up following him around all weekend, completely captivated by his energy.  I thanked him later for always “bringing the happy” and couldn’t be more thrilled that he chose me to share that happiness with forever.”

Capturing intimate moments between a couple with a strong connection is always a privilege. We are even more blown away by clients who give us their complete trust and ask us to photograph them nude. Emily and Scotty told us from the get-go they have an exhibitionist streak and wanted their photographs to reflect our newlywed love and passion. 

“When I got booked by Emily and Scotty and read, that they wanted to have “Adam and Eve” trash the dress photos, I did my Happy Dancing because that’s my favorite thing in the world!

I LOVE Nature, and I LOVE the Sexy, the bond between two people merged into one with Mother Nature embracing their passion, their love, their lust for each other. I truly believe that it is the strongest force in the universe… What wouldn’t we do for the one we love? – Sol

These images don’t need many words, but we asked Emily and Scotty about their trash the dress experience:

“Honestly, we love to be naked in nature, so we were very excited to create art (thanks to Sol!) that reflects our relationship.  Sol and the team were very enjoyable to work with and always kept the environment very comfortable.  We had a lot of fun with the shoot, but I do have to say that trying to look graceful under cold water in a heavy wet dress was more difficult that I had imagined.  Relax, have fun with the shoot, and let your love shine!” – Emily


Adam Eve Cenote Trash the dress Photographer: Sol Tamargo

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