Trash the Dress “Adam & Eve Experience” Riviera Maya

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  • adam and eve session bride and groom tattooed standing in the cenote water
  • adam and eve session underwater
  • adam and eve session groom takes off the dress of bride wearing a island outfitter dress underwater photography
  • Bride totally naked underwater with bare nipples showing in island outfitter dress
  • Award photography adam and eve session trash the dress Fearless Del Sol Photography
  • underwater bride and groom photo adam and eve session trash the dress
  • adam and eve session Totally naked bride and groom underwater with an island outfitter dress
  • adam and eve session bride and groom together, underwater totally naked
  • Adam and Eve session Trash the Dress

The Adam and Eve experience has to be one of the most exciting, most risky and yet most fun photography shoots in existence.

Del Sol Photography is always looking to innovate and break barriers in the world of wedding and trash the dress photography. When Adrienne and Scott contacted us to do a cenote trash the dress shoot in the Riviera Maya, we were excited by their willingness to push the boundaries and take a step beyond the usual.

We love embracing what we have themed the “Adam and Eve session” a photo shoot that takes our clients beyond their imagination. Adrienne and Scott are so naturally open about their sensuality and their passion for one another,  this shoot was totally hot and the results are steamy.

We are proud to add this session to our collection of favorites of all things related to Adam and Eve trash the dress in the Riviera Maya.

Principal photography: Matt

Read why the Huffington Post calls Del Sol Photography and Matt Adcock “Wedding Trailblazers” for their innovation with the Adam and Eve photo sessions.

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  1. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    Matt this work is so beautiful….my three favs: #4 of the groom leaning over her, the one of them in silhouette, framed by the gown with her hand outstretched, & the last one. Just gorgeous. Immaculate lighting, and tons of emotion. I’m in awe!

  2. Navin
    Navin says:

    Am speechless about all your shoots which you have done under water

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Thanks Navin, we’re fortunate to have such beautiful places to shoot, crystal clear water and gorgeous clients too!

  3. vijay katkar
    vijay katkar says:

    mind blowing, its awsome….puer emotions and great concept…hats off to u.

  4. Uncle Paul
    Uncle Paul says:

    I love these pictures, you guys look so young.

  5. MiMi Robinson
    MiMi Robinson says:

    These are some of the most beautiful pictures Ive ever seen! Just gorgeous! I’ve done a lot of modeling but have never gotten to work with someone as talented as you,, the lighting,, underwater shots,, just gorgeous! And the locations,,, breath taking :) Great work :)

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