• Bride portrait destination wedding Allegro Cozumel Resort México

Cozumel Wedding – Allegro Resort Cozumel- Alli and Lance

“I feel for Lance the utmost love, care and respect that I could ever have for another person. He is my rock and the person that I go to for everything. I love that his jokes and cute personality can cause me to laugh until I can’t breathe anymore.” – Alli

Alli and Lance chose the Allegro resort Cozumel for their destination wedding. They’re a super fun and loving couple and it showed throughout the day.

“We accept the other for who they are and honestly feel like we were made for one another. We are both one-of-a-kind, but I think I’m the one that is the most difficult to deal with. I’m feisty and opinionated and am vocal about my opinions. Lance is so patient with those aspects and understands that it’s who I am and loves me despite some of the feistiness!”

“The one thing that we both have said to each other is that marriage is not only about the good times – it’s about the ups and downs and accepting and forgiving each other during all times.”


Principal Photographer: Valeria

Destination Wedding Location: Allegro Resort Cozumel

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