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“ You are not accidental, existence needs you. Without you there will be something missing, something nothing or no one could replace.

Existence will miss you, the stars, the sun, the moon, trees and birds and the earth; all the universe will feel that there is an emptiness that no one can fill except you.” 

Cenotes are magical and places, we often visit them for our trash the dress sessions but a cenote mayan wedding is something very special indeed. Water has natural purifying qualities, since old times it has used in spiritual ceremonies and has been associated with the mystery of human existence, it cleans and purify our energy and restores the lost sensation of peace and clarity.


In the ceremony the shaman invokes the 4 elements to bless the union and the water of the cenote seals the pact.  We think there is no greater way to incorporate family and friends in the ceremony, everyone participates which amplifies the feeling of togetherness.

It was a great honor for del Sol that Amy and Calvin not only asked Matt and Sol to photograph their wedding – they also gave them a whole lot of say in the wedding day itself! We are also super thankful that we had the chance to take family portraits 5 years on of Amy, Calvin and their amazing baby Jules!

Muchas gracias chicos and hope to see you again soon!

Del Sol Photography specializes in custom and special Cenote Wedding Ceremonies in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya Mexico.

Photographers: Matt and Sol

Gown Boutique: Merciel


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