• Catholic Church Wedding at Iberostar Grand Paraiso

Church Wedding at Iberostar Grand Paraiso – Izabela and Alexander

Just the two of us, you and I, lets do it, elope and travel thousands of kilometers together. That is what Izabela and Alexander did. They left their hometown in Germany and traveled to Mexico to get married traditionally in a chapel but with a modern twist: take a selfie with the priest!

Besides the extraordinary backdrop and beautiful beaches, the culture and the friendly people of Mexico were a main deciding choice as to why their planned a destination so far away from home. As Catholics, they loved the idea of visiting a tropical country that is also Catholic for their ceremony. Alexander and Izabela also made a wedding motto, we think it’s great advice to share with all brides and grooms:

At our wedding our motto was I AM YOU. Everyone should have their dream wedding so celebrate where and how they desire!

Wedding Ceremony Location: Iberostar Grand Paraiso – Church
Reception Location: Iberostar Grand Paraiso – Beach
Primary Photographer: Del Sol Associate