Now Jade Wedding in Puerto Morelos – Rachel and Enzo

I was particularly happy to shoot Rachel and Enzo’s wedding because they were friends with Jill and Paul, it was important to me. I love Jill, I shot her wedding at Xcaret and her trash the dress, and we got a great connection.

Rachel and Enzo are, like Jill, New Yorkers with STRONG Italian roots. They have a united family that now is bigger, they love food, and they were really nice people. We were joking calling ourselves “la famiglia” meaning that we are a group, a team, we understand each other. I looooove New Yorkers, can’t explain why but we always get along well, they are cool and awesome!

Rachel is stunning, her skin is perfect and she has this movie feeling of the Italian ’50 movies like Sofia Loren: Curvy, sexy, big eyes and smile, dark hair. I love the black and white portrait I took of her outside the room before the ceremony. It’s intense and strong, she looks stunning and elegant but the intensity of the darkness gives some drama to that photo, that natural side light is just perfect and it’s like going back in time – Debora

Primary Photographer: Debora
Second Shooter: Valeria
Coordinator: Fernando Hernandez
Location: Now Jade Resort – Pergola
Reception Location: Now Jade Resort – Bamboo Room