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Destination Wedding Excellence Riviera Cancun – Sarai and Lamar

You can see Sarai and Lamar’s Wedding Highlights Video here

“With our families living in different states, no matter where we had our wedding they would have to travel to come to it. So we thought, what better way to celebrate marrying the love of your life, than to get married on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico while drinking the best tequila and dancing all night. Sounds like a dream come true right?” – Sarai + Lamar #travelforlove

“After we decided that we wanted to get married in Cancun, Mexico. I think we may have looked at about 50 resorts! Well…..at least it felt like 50 lol. It took us months to narrow down our list and decide which ones we liked the best. The the Resort that stood out the most to us was Excellence Riviera Cancun. Everything about this resort was amazing! It was so beautiful.”

“The deciding factor that made us say yes to Excellence Riviera Cancun was the service that the staff provided for their guests. They really make you feel like a king or queen! When researching online for resorts and looking at reviews we noticed that with all of the other properties that we liked, there were always a handful of recent bad reviews that turned us away. When it came to Excellence Riviera Cancun, it was really hard to find a bad review or someone who didn’t have a good experience. The difference was like night and day!”

“After that we knew that Excellence Riviera Cancun would be the perfect location for our dream wedding. And they were! The staff was amazing! I cannot say enough good things about our wedding coordinator Thamara Rosillo. She really worked her butt off  to make sure our dream day was perfect! :)”

“We were surrounded by the people that really cared about us the most and everyone there was very emotional.”

“They say tears are words that the heart cant express, and everyone there had tears flowing down their cheeks during the ceremony. Our family, and friends told us that it was one of the most beautiful things that they ever got to witness. There’s just something magical about seeing two people in love become one.  The feeling was truly unreal. It definitely was one of those “Had to be there” type of moments :)”

“Just thinking about how well our families came together and bonded warms our hearts and brings a smile to our faces. That’s the beauty with destination weddings. You get to bring two families together and allow them to bond over the course of a few days. With other types of traditional weddings you don’t have that luxury. Being with each other for a few days and having plenty shots of tequila lol, I think our families realized that though we have different cultures, we had more similarities with each other than differences.”

“Just goes to show that love has no color, shape, or size. Love is just, Love! :)”

The photograph of Sarai climbing on the arch, high up on her balcony has to be one of our favorite photos so far as well.

“I remember when she told me to get up there, I remember looking over the ledge and briefly thinking to myself like “umm that’s a long drop down” lol! Then remembered I’m shooting with Sol! One of the top photographers in the world, she knows what she is doing :)” – Sarai

“We would describe our experience with Sol and the rest of the Del Sol family as truly a once in a lifetime experience. I remember telling Sol and Debora numerous times on our wedding night that they were geniuses.”

“The definition for a genius is someone with exceptional ability, especially someone whose intellectual or creative achievements gain worldwide recognition. And we truly believe this definition applies perfectly for Sol and everyone apart the Del Sol family.”

“Just seeing Sol and the rest of the Del Sol Family work so passionately was a truly inspiring experience. I can honestly say that I left feeling motivated and inspired to do my work as passionately as Sol. She just makes everything seem so fun and easy. We hope to be able to work with you all again in the future… maybe next time in another part of the world :)”

A huge thank you to Sarai and Lamar for sharing their incredible words with us!!

Don’t miss Sarai and Lamar’s amazing sunrise beach and cenote trash the dress

Principal Photographer: Sol 

Second Photographer: Debora

Videographer: Alex

Destination Wedding Location: Excellence Riviera Cancun – Beach Gazebo

Destination Wedding Coordinator: Thamara Rosillo

Gown Boutique: Eddy K.

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