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Cancun Wedding – Hyatt Ziva Cliff Gazebo – Ashley and Ramon

One of the things that keeps us so close is the LOVE for travel. We are explorers at heart and LOVE the peacefulness and pureness of the ocean #TravelForLove

“Cancun seemed like the perfect destination for us to celebrate our union with the ones we love. Close proximity to our Families scattered throughout the United States and Mexico and affordable enough to allow most to participate, there was never a Plan B. Cancun was THE choice.” – Ashley

Ashley and Ramon’s wedding was full from beginning to end of fun and family love! Everyone was an integral part of their celebration and we love Ashly and Ramon’s intention to express unity with their loved ones. 

“It was really important that our families feel like they were A PART of the wedding, so we asked for everyone to dress in white” – Ashley

“We had my mother be responsible for getting us the components for the special sand ceremony blessed by the officiant. My father blessed our wedding at the close to add a special ‘touch’ to the ceremony. It was all lovely and we were super happy EVERYONE participated and respected our requests.”

“Maru Campo from Pirotecnia was our absolute favorite vendor. She surprised us with an amazing fireworks show that was above and beyond what we had requested. Her patience, care and attentiveness was above all expectations and we are super grateful for the care she gave us in making sure our vision became a reality.”

Del Sol: What was the most amazing moment of your day?

“The most amazing moment was looking back from the alter at all of the beautiful group of family and friends that were smiling back at us in support of our union. HANDS DOWN!” – Ashley

 Del Sol: We loved your whole wedding groups party energy but we have to make a special mention to one particular groomsman! 

Ashley: “Roman is Ramon’s best friend and while often hard to tame, he is loyal and supportive. He has know Ramon for over 20 years and has loved and supported our relationship unconditionally. Roman is a great friend to us both and as you heard, the LIFE of every party.”

Del Sol: Why did you choose Hyatt Ziva for your destination wedding? 

“First impression is everything.” – Ashley

Ashley: “We did multiple site visits at several hotels. We almost gave up after missing our initial appointment to view Hyatt Ziva’s property. At the last minute, Ramon convinced me to take a chance and visit the property even though we missed the appointment. As soon as we walked the stairs of the lobby, we knew THIS was the place we were getting married.”

How was your experience with Joaquin and the del Sol team? 

Ashley: “Joaquin was awesome. He was quiet and focused. We send a special thanks to the entire team at Del Sol for being extremely responsive and always cheerful. Del Sol was there with us every step of the way!!!”

Del Sol: What’s your top destination wedding advice?

“Our top destination wedding advice is enjoy your time with family and friends and leave the planning to the awesome team at Hyatt Ziva.”

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Principal Photographer: Del Sol Associate

Second Photographer: Vanessa

Destination Wedding Location: Hyatt Ziva Cliff Gazebo

Fireworks: Maru Campo – Pirotecnia

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