Four Elements Birthday Experience 

Holly + Rodolfo

“The whole experience has been a dream. Beyond thankful for the dedication for the creativity for giving us this once in a lifetime experience” Holly + Rodolfo

We are lucky to have a studio co-founder who is the chief creative officer and always full of ideas.  Sol Tamargo keeps amusing us with extraordinary adventures and personalized designed experiences!  In this case, she took “personalized experiences” to a whole new level and crafted an amazing  ‘Four Elements Birthday Experience’ for Holly accompanied by her amazing husband Rodolfo.

The del sol team embarked on a 3-day adventure experience through the Yucatan Peninsula to celebrate Holly’s birthday with a cultural and culinary dream journey.

“I wanted to plan a Four Elements Birthday Experience for Holly. And so we did something AMAZING that we have never done before” – Sol Tamargo

Four Element Birthday Experience.

“Rodolfo contacted us and explained how amaaazing his wife Holly was and how he wanted to give her an epic 40th birthday experience that empowers her to go for many more rounds being the amazing giving person that she is…I knew just what to do..” -Sol Tamargo

“Our Human Nature belongs to NATURE. We are made of the same elements that made life possible. Fire, wind, earth, water, our spirit needs the power of nature, the balance, to feel alive and strong” – Sol Tamargo


Birthday travel Experience ideas Yucatan Mexico  Birthday couple Experience Yucatan, Mexico

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“For the FIRE, I asked Rodolfo about Holly’s passions, and one big one was food! how perfect!!!  Holly had told Rodolfo she once dreamed about being photographed in one of their favorite restaurants “Le Chique” in the Riviera Maya.

The theme “dreaming” kept appearing to us.

Being in the Yucatan peninsula and Mexico of course food is a BIG subject. The experience started with a cooking class in Merida at Los Dos cooking school.”  The environment was absolutely endearing watching the Chef as he explained all of the dishes and the team worked to prepare the Yucatecan cuisine.

“Chef Mario and his wife, provide an incredible evening of pleasure FIRE and LOVE. – Sol

Los Dos cooking school birthday experiences ideas Yucatan Mexico

Yucatan Los Dos, Birthday cooking experience  Los Dos cooking school experience Yucatan Mexico

Los Dos cooking school couple experience Yucatan birthday ideas

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“The next morning we woke up at Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, the hacienda has an incredible cenote that I knew was the perfect place for WATER.

I designed a Four Elements Birthday Experience with water and a ceremony to put Holly in touch with emotions. What is the most powerful? LOVE!!!!”

“The cenote provided the perfect stage for intimacy, the flow of emotions … WATER is magical!!!” – Sol Tamargo

Del Sol: What emotions did you experience at this moment?

It was a surreal experience. It empowered me to really get in touch with everything I was experiencing at the moment.” – Holly”

Cenote empowering ceremony birthday celebration Yucatan Mexico  Yucatan Cenote birthday experience  Four element birthday experience cenote ritual

Four Element Birthday ceremony Experience

“At the cenote and after the ceremony and a few photos, we left Holly and Rodolfo to enjoy a private connecting moment together. Embrace by LOVE at Mother Earth’s womb.” – Sol

Del Sol: How is this place influencing you both as individuals and as a couple?

“Coming to a place where you can realign yourself with this forces of the universe where people understand the importance of tradition spirituality, living in harmony with nature. Recenter and re-solidify what we stand for.” -Rodolfo

“There is a force way bigger than us that brought us together.” -Holly

Four Element Birthday Experience yucatan cenote  Yucatan cenote Four Element Birthday Experience  Couple birthday trip Yucatan Mexico

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“Wind makes us feel we can fly, wind puts us in touch with the ability of flowing, of getting a higher perspective, clarity of thought and important is that when you have a family!” – Sol Tamargo

“Going back to innocence, to play time! that really takes away any stress.. we breathe, we see life from a more open perspective.

To emphasize the wind, I brought a bright happy yellow rebozo. And those were the magical wings Holly found following the clues I gave her with cards.” – Sol

Four Element Birthday Experience Yucatan Mexico

Four Element Birthday empowering Experience.

Yucatan Hacienda Four Element Birthday Experience

We are blessed to have a unicorn or two in our lives

“Our Mother Earth gives us roots, she ground us… Connects us with everything and provides security and deep insight.”- Sol Tamargo

Del Sol: How was your experience with the Del Sol Team?

The del Sol Team has been a dream. Sol has been a dream, her creativity and the team that she brought…I don’t think there is another team on the entire planet that could have captured my husband’s wish for me as Del Sol did for us.” -Holly

Yucatan Four elements birthday adventure

Sotuta de Peon Hacienda Yucatan Mexico couple experience

“Having the visual of Holly and her husband holding hands, united in LOVE and grounded together to Mother Earth, in the middle of the agave field was just gorgeous to me.”  -Sol

“I always find balance and calm when I lay down on earth.” – Sol Tamargo

Designed couple Experience Yucatan Mexico  designed Birthday Experience by Sol Tamargo photographer

Del Sol: Did the energy within you changed throughout the Four Elements Experience?

“It’s very easy to deplete the energies that you have as an individual and never have the time to replenish that.” -Holly

“This was a renewing spiritual experience for me. I feel more energetic now than at any other time in my life.” -Rodolfo

“In the pursuit of material life, humankind forgets we are ONE with everything in NATURE and we need to stay tuned with the energy flow of life. It warms my heart to be able to help others to rekindle their flame, by taking them to experience Nature. Nature does the job. We only have to show up. Open heart. Listen, Connect. Be present.” -Sol Tamargo

IN Nature WE LOVE.”  – Sol Tamargo

“My heart is so full right now, just when I think I could not possibly love you more, I do.” -Holly’s words to Rodolfo

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Del Sol: What do you take home with you from this experience?

“The whole experience has been a dream. Beyond thankful for the dedication for the creativity for giving me this once in a lifetime experience” – Rodolfo