Gay, Lesbian and LGBTQ+ Weddings

“Lesbian wedding is such a major keyword! We need more “lesbian wedding” tags out there! I know we are a teeny demographic, but when planning a wedding, the same rules just don’t apply to lesbian couples. We appreciate you being up for the cause and helping reach our community. We are seeing a massive emergence of lesbian and gay weddings. Our community is in need of more resources when wedding planning. It was a major preference for our vendors to have had experience working with other lesbian couples.” – Shay

Everything that we do is motivated by the desire for human beings to have amazing experiences! One of the ways we provoke epic adventures is by putting information and resources out into the world. It is important for us to create a space on our website for gay, lesbian, and LGBTQ+ weddings. We want to bring visibility and provide resources and inspiration for gay weddings!

Mexico is an LGBTQ+ wedding friendly location and we have some really great real weddings in our portfolio below. We always ask our couples for testimonials, so you can read about their experience. You contact us and our sister company Del Sol Travels directly for assistance with choosing and booking a wedding venue.