Mexican Hacienda Weddings

Looking for a unique wedding location in Mexico? Leave the beach and crowds behind and discover the romance of the Haciendas in Colonial Mexico.

Why have a Mexican Hacienda Wedding?

Love unique, off the beaten track, boutique destinations? Want to feel like you’re in a movie? Feel the passage of time, romance, history and culture? Mexican hacienda weddings are all of the above. They’re incredibly stylish and surprisingly adaptable!

Hacienda weddings look amazing even before adding decor. If you want to splurge they’re stunning with everything from black tie to boho-chic. Some recent renovations fuse contemporary architecture with the ancient structures so even city-slickers will feel at home. Mexican Haciendas magically morph around your concept and provide the most amazing setting for a truly unique wedding experience.

Haciendas also offer a range of wedding ceremony and reception venues. Gardens, stunning indoor spaces even lakes and waterfalls feature. Onsite chapels are another bonus for couples looking to celebrate religious and Catholic wedding ceremonies.

The draw of many Haciendas is that your whole wedding group can stay on-site. In many cases you can even have a buy-out where you and your group have the whole property to yourselves!

Finally there is really no quantifying the authentic charm of both the venues themselves and the people and cultures that are part of them. Mexican hospitality is well known – take a step off of the tourist trail and see for yourself.