Adrienne + Scott

Mexico Cenote Anniversary Trash the dress

I was a little worried that coming back 11 years later to do the same thing, might be seen as silly. But as soon as you opened your mouth, I knew we made the right decision to have a Mexico Cenote anniversary trash the dress.  – Adrienne

Mexico Underwater Micro Ceremony Del Sol Photography

This was a big deal for us, just the fact that I was able to go and enjoy the time spent. Matt Adcock understood that, and made us feel like we were powerful and deserved to be there. I could ramble on and on about how great all of you are, and I hope I was able to show you just a fraction of the gratitude I feel for you. We are wanting to make Playa a more regular trip in the future, and I hope we can all meet up for dinner sometime. We would love to hear some more of your stories! Have a great rest of your week. Adrienne