Freediving in the Cancun experience MUSA Underwater Museum

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Peter is a tech innovator and entrepreneur who spends his days designing luxury mobile phones at his company Mobiado. He’s also very passionate about travel, exploration, scuba and freediving. He made plans to visit several incredibly unique underwater places in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and I was lucky enough to be invited to document it.

We visited the famous Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA cancun experience – Museo Subacuatico de Arte) just off the coast of Cancun, near Isla Mujeres. Artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater MUSA sculptures are placed 6-8 meters below the surface. They encourage the growth of corals and even whole new reef formations, adding to the exhibit he created while helping the ecosystem. The museum is a great celebration of both the artistic and natural aquatic world, which also serves as a reminder to us all to protect it.

We also visited a newly discovered and still secret cenote. Since this was a first for me in both places, I was able to take along some close friends to explore and enjoy the amazing underworld with me.

Peter is an athletic swimmer and true adventurer, which brought a lot of energy to our dives. This made him a great subject to shoot in such cool environments. And Special thanks to Marco and Polly for capturing these images with me and for the motivation to explore these spectacular locations.  They are both world-class photographers and part of my dream team!

Matt Adcock, Del Sol co-founder

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