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Moon Palace Beach Wedding – Nicole and Jordan

There is one element we all fear, especially when combined with the words “Destination Wedding” and RAIN.  Yes, let us put that in all caps because most of the time those words are uttered together with stress and difficulty, not something any bride and groom will wish for (although we know one past client who did actually wish for rain).

More importantly, what can we do with rain?  Well, rain is a gift and many say as it acts as a cleansing element and ultimately, is the source of life. Rain also usually changes the temperature around us as well and invites smells that are dormant when everything is dry.  Basically, rain wakes up our senses and in many ways, rejuvenates our feelings.  Some even say it is a good omen to have rain on a wedding day.  For the photographers at del Sol Photography, we embrace our senses and see the magic behind a rain cloud.  Let us hope and pray for a rainbow!

The wedding of Nicole and Jordan got a nice finish, a rainy first dance and a portrait session under the small droplets falling everywhere around them.  We embrace the rain and turn each chance to photograph a sense of place, to define what it actually feels like to be surrounded by thousands of drops and communicate the sensation with a unique lighting touch… we believe that rain on your wedding day is awesome!

Primary Photographer: Debora
Second Shooter: Martina
Wedding Location:    Moon Palace – Caribbean Beach
Reception Location:  Moon Palace – Grand Terrace
Makeup Artist / Hair:  Styling Trio Riviera Maya