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  • Natural salt production in El Cuyo Yucatan
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Nirvana Blue Yucatan

Nirvana Blue is a unique boutique hotel near the town of Rio Lagartos in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. A short skip, 2 hours from the tourist heart of the Riviera Maya, Nirvana Blue welcomes you to a whole new world – a completely different landscape with surrounding areas mostly untouched.

Located on a stretch of beach that has only a few inhabitants within 20-30 miles, Nirvana Blue is really in the natural world. The landscape is virtually untouched. Arriving by a small boat taxi followed by a short ride down a one lane sandy road… The first thing that strikes you is the architecture. The buildings of Nirvana Blue look like they have landed rather than been built. The sacred geometry of the octagonal buildings create a lighthouse effect.

The landscape around Nirvana is teeming with birdlife. This will be an amazing location for all birders and nature lovers. We woke up to bright red male cardinals hopping from bush to bush.  The lagoon in Rio Lagartos is abundant with birds of prey, sea going birds, and many types of herons and other tropical species.  The lagoons have crocodiles and are flourishing with fish.

Rio Lagartos has to be one of the most precious eco systems on the planet, home of a nesting and mating site for the amazing Pink Flamingo.

If you are lucky enough to come at the right time, one can see tens of thousands of them all doing a special dance to find their mate where the two birds will seal a bond to mate for life.

Nirvana Blue is the culmination of  many elements to be discovered that give space to the mind, to the soul and to the heart. It is in the truest sense of the word, a retreat. Romance. Peace.

The shared living area between the pods and the upper rooms is the heart. The kitchen consciously takes center stage as Chef Don Nacho and host of Nirvana holds court. Service and hospitality is impeccable. The small scale and exclusivity of  Nirvana Blue feels like a friend’s Private Villa more than a hotel. With only 4 double rooms: two detached pods and two rooms in the main building Nirvana Blue would make an ideal group getaway.

Nirvana Blue stands for natural, beauty, vast landscapes, a touch of surreal fantasy, great food, amazing people, a cleanse for the soul. This is the kind of place that will draw together like minded people.

Photos by Matt Adcock, Sol Tamargo and Polly


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