Cenote Weddings

Why choose a cenote wedding ceremony, vow renewal or an elopement experience?

If you are looking for something unique – if you love nature and amazing natural surroundings you should look into cenote weddings.

The cenotes themselves are caverns and freshwater sinkholes in the jungle of the Riviera Maya. They are especially important for the Mayan culture. They have been used since the ancient Mayans as their only water source, as well as for ceremonial purposes. The Mayans believe that the cenotes are the entry to Xibalbá – the Mayan underworld.

The cenotes are spiritual places, you cannot help feeling in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds you. They are a fitting location to perform an ancient tradition – the wedding ceremony.

The cenotes also offer one of the most private wedding venues in the Riviera Maya. Because of the nature of the caverns, you can often have an area just for you. If you are planning to elope to the Riviera Maya the cenotes offer an amazing private elopement or vow renewal location. Many today are using the term: Micro Cenote Wedding as escentially, it is an escape from the normal routine at home and something very intimate.

We have to mention that cenotes are also our favorite location for underwater wedding photography and Trash the Dress sessions. You can have your wedding ceremony and trash the dress ceremony in the same day – say “I do” then slip into the water!

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