Sexy Couple’s Boudoir Couple Experience – Akumal Beach – Amy and Tracy

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“I wanted to do something special for my husband to celebrate our 9th anniversary – and something that we could look back at and cherish for years to come! How about a sexy boudoir portrait session!” – Amy

“We were already going to be in Riviera Maya on vacation, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to set aside some time for a photo shoot. When I told him what I was doing for him for our anniversary, to say he was surprised (and excited) would be an understatement!”

Del Sol: Tracy – how surprised where you that Amy decided to surprise you with the session? How surprised were you on a scale of 1-10?

“I would say I was pretty surprised, probably close to a 10. I thought she was going to buy me some new shirts, so this was definitely not what I was expecting.”

Del Sol: Amy and Tracy – tell us about the experience! 

“It was so much more than we expected! We just kind of went into it thinking it would be similar to the standard “beach photos” couples/families take. We had no idea those areas were so close and so secluded.”

“The locations were absolutely stunning and not at all what we expected. It definitely exceeded our expectations!”

Del Sol: You were both GREAT in front of the camera – talk to us about how it felt to be photographed naked in nature!!!

“It actually wasn’t weird at all. Luckily neither of us are really shy when it comes to our bodies, so we just embraced it! It was very liberating and just felt natural considering where we were.”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“Sol and Polly were both so amazing and fun to work with… They made sure we were comfortable in everything we did or they suggested.”

“Their creative vision created some gorgeous photographs that we will be able to look back at years from now and not only appreciate the beauty, but remember what a great experience we had doing it!”

Del Sol: What’s your advice for other people considering a holiday boudoir session?

I would say not to second guess yourself and just go for it!

“If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I don’t think there is a significant other alive that wouldn’t love to have beautiful, classy photos of their woman and her beautiful body.”

Principal Photographer: Sol

Second Photographer: Polly