Cenote and Beach Trash the Dress for a Bride who can’t swim!

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“I CANNOT swim (I THINK I can). We are adventurous though, so bring it on!” – Tracy

Time and again we are blown away by brides and grooms who overcome their fear of water because for their LOVE of trash the dress photos. We have a whole collection of brides and grooms who can’t swim but who made underwater photos in their cenote trash the dress! You CAN do a trash the dress even if you can’t swim – you just need a dash of can do spirt and trust in our team :)

Tracey and Treavel are in fact the King and Queen of battling adversity. First their wedding, set for December 2017 in St.Thomas had to be rescheduled due to the devastation in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Instead of being disheartened, they embraced the change!

“I had been stalking Del Sol Photography for years. Since our wedding was rescheduled we decided it was the perfect opportunity for us to actually come take cool engagement photos!” – Tracy

On the day they were set to travel to Mexico for their trash the dress we received this message:

“Omg!!!!!! 9111111 we left our bag with the clothes for our session!”

To cut a long story short they re-scheduled their trip for a month later and we met for an AWESOME sunrise session on the beach and beautiful cenote trash the dress. Kudus for refusing to be deterred!! After the whole adventure to get here, we asked Tracy and Treavel to share their thoughts on the whole experience – especially considering Tracy can’t swim!!

“No one knows that we’re doing a Trash The Dress!”
“It was fun, for sure! For a bride who can’t swim, non-water person you made us feel very safe. I felt extremely safe and comfortable” – Tracy

From a lady who told us straight: “I don’t like water!” we’re super impressed. After an initial, getting used to the water phase, Tracy turned into a mermaid! 

“I didn’t think she was going to do it but I’m proud of her going through with it.” – Alex, Tracy’s daughter

“My favorite part for sure was the beach, watching the Sun and being out on the beach… and I also will have to say the cenote. I really wanted to come in December, but this time is better” – Tracy

“Anybody can go to the studio and take all these photos inside a building, but an experience like this lasts a lifetime, it’s unforgettable and very special so I recommend to any couples that are looking to getting married” – Treavel

Del Sol: What advice would you give to another couple thinking about doing a Trash The Dress?

“Practice, practice, practice. When they say practice at home opening your eyes (underwater) do that!”

“I would say to all of my white sisters and hispanic sisters, that’s fine, but to all my black sisters: make sure your hair is tied! Make sure you get your hair done before you come!” – Tracy

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Tracy, Treavel and Alex for an amazing day. And for reminding us that when life sends us lemons to make lemonade ;)


Principal Photographer: Polly